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HowTo Keep the Kids Busy at Home


We are all facing uncertain times and with school holidays upon us and the kids being home more than normal, many parents and carers are looking for ways to keep them entertained and educated.

Our Vuly 360 Play Sets and Vuly Trampolines can provide hours of entertainment! The Vuly 360 Play Set comes with heaps of different attachments to suit everyone’s interests: from cubbies and soccer goals to nine unique swings! With four different Trampoline styles in our range, there is sure to be one to suit your backyard and budget. Basketball, speaker and water mister attachments are also available for purchase.

For more traditional backyard play equipment check out our Garden Craft range. Stock is limited and moving fast so get in quick!

As for keeping the kids engaged and excited to learn, we’ve got you covered for that too! We have packs of 10 numbered foam tiles and pots, soil and seeds to teach about planting and growing.

Create a simple sandpit using timber sleepers and bags of washed sand for your kids to play with, set up a shade sail to keep them protected while they do so!

Foster your kid’s creativity and go wild with DIY projects during their time at home. Mud kitchens provide the opportunity for sensory and exploratory play as well as encouraging maths, science and even some role play. We have a variety of sinks and taps which can be easily connected to a hose as well as all the wood and other materials you need to help your kids create their very own mud kitchen.

PVC pipes and joiners can also keep your kids busy for hours. With different sized pipes and a variety of joiners, there are no bounds to what they can create and adding other elements like water or netting will encourage them to further explore its uses.

Keeping things organised while the kids are home may feel impossible but one way to help make this happen is to get the kids involved and excited about organising their own toys and activity supplies. We have a variety of pegboards, hooks, tubs and plastic bins to help keep everything in order.

Let the kids brainstorm what they want to play and create, hop over to our website and help bring their ideas to life!

With Click and Collect or Delivery options for all the products mentioned, you won’t even need to come into the store to search for them.