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Stratco Exhale is perfect for extracting heat and fumes from a shed or home. Its ultra-low-profile design causes it to blend in effortlessly with the ridge line of homes. There are no moving parts

TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE, NOT MEMORY STREAM Weatherproof before your treasure is washed away From cool cars to family heirloom tools, sheds are home to some of our favourite things. So it’s a stressful

YOU’RE STARRING IN YOUR OWN EPISODE OF CSI This is not what you had in mind when it came to making a home movie Having your shed broken into and tools stolen! Neglected shed security - it’ll leave

Read about a suburban mans unfortunate brush with criminal activity after his most treasured possession was stolen from his shed. Follow the links to see how to avoid being in the same situation as

Ever wondered what the ultimate man cave is? Take a look inside the Stratco shed of this WA resident to find out! Man pilots Boeing 737 from his Stratco shed Stratco Sheds can cater to a whole range

OMG... EITHER I’VE PUT ON WEIGHT, OR THIS SHED AIN’T BIG ENOUGH FOR ALL OF US Time to stack it and rack it! You’ve stepped inside your shed and ... north, south, east, west, there’s nowhere left to

Choosing the right size and style of garage can be a difficult process, so here are a few tips to help you build your ideal garage. How to Design and Build Your Ideal Garage Posted on: 31st of May

Stratco Garages Provide The Perfect Canvas For Vietnam Vets Posted: May 22, 2019 “The artwork was a part of us and our history, so we had it replicated.” These Stratco Gable Garages have been used in

HOLE IN ONE ... AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY Time to stop working on your back swing and start fixing the shed You’ve discovered the kids have been using the old shed for target practice. Or your golf swing

I NEED IT OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND Hide the eyesores and pretend they don’t exisit - we can help with that! You light the barbie and survey your kingdom; the lawns are trimmed, garden’s growing,

THINGS ARE FALLING APART IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES Time to swing in to action before the door swings off! The door on your old shed is about to fall off, the rain is coming in through the roof and there

YOU NEED TO STEP UP BEFORE YOU STEP IN IT! Do something about it before you put your foot in it There have been unwelcome visitors. Something is eating everything from the varnish on furniture to the