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Stratco Exhale is perfect for extracting heat and fumes from a shed or home. Its ultra-low-profile design causes it to blend in effortlessly with the ridge line of homes. There are no moving parts

Read about a suburban mans unfortunate brush with criminal activity after his most treasured possession was stolen from his shed. Follow the links to see how to avoid being in the same situation as

Ever wondered what the ultimate man cave is? Take a look inside the Stratco shed of this WA resident to find out! Man pilots Boeing 737 from his Stratco shed Stratco Sheds can cater to a whole range

Stratco Garages Provide The Perfect Canvas For Vietnam Vets Posted: May 22, 2019 “The artwork was a part of us and our history, so we had it replicated.” These Stratco Gable Garages have been used in

HONEY, I BURNT DOWN THE SHED! Your dreams of being a firefighter are dashed when you become an accidental firestarter... There’s always the risk of fire in rural and industrial areas, and the last