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Safety Sliding Gate Motor With Sensors


SKU: SC-10696

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About this product

Kit for automation of a residential sliding gate weighing up to 400kg and up to 5m.

  • Suitable for gates maximum 400kg and 5m wide
  • Compatible with solar kit (purchased separately) to eliminate the need for power at the gate
  • Identifies and immediately signals any correction errors or malfunctions
  • Automatically calculates the most suitable operating parameters for each gate
  • Installing accessories like keypads and photocells using ECSbus is super easy. ECSbus technology allows devices to be connected using a single “bus” cable using colour-coded connectors (each accessory has its own colour). Just plug it in an away you go. Read more in the Installation Manual. 
  • Simple to install - if you're in the trade or a handy DIYer
  • Allows the gate to close automatically behind you without needing to click the remote. Great for peace of mind.
  • Reliable and quiet die-cast powder-coated aluminium base. Gear motor mounted on bearings
  • Extra safe, low voltage connections (24V), automatic obstacle detection feature
  • Minimal waiting time for gate to operate is only 18 seconds to open (in ideal installation conditions, for a sliding gate 4m long)
  • Quick motor release for manual gate operation
  • Free standing pair of obstacle sensors will provide an easy solution to stop gates from opening or closing onto your car
Technical Specifications
Motor Voltage24V
Motor Power370W
Duty Cycle20%
Opening Per Hour14
Opening Speed15m/min
Thrust Max.180N
Manufacturers Rating400 max. kg
Protection Degree44IP
Dimensions300h x 163w x 295d mm
Motor Weight9kg
Working Temperature-20°C to 50°C

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