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Honed Charcoal Paver 220x110x40mm


SKU: LG-44425

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About this product

This Paver is one of the most recognisable shapes in the Traditional Paver range. The classic look, along with the strength of concrete, can transform any area you need paved into a timeless masterpiece. The rectangular shape allows for many different paving patterns to be used so you can let your imagination run free. This Paver can also be used in conjunction with other pavers as headers or borders to break up or define areas.

  • Anti-salt additive to stop efflorescence
  • Highest level of slip-resistance according to Australian Standard AS 4586:13
  • Designed for easy installation with a uniform size
  • Can be laid with the bevel edge or the straight edge facing upwards
  • One of the most economic pavers without compromising on quality
  • Applications: Patios, Pedestrian Areas, Pathways
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