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Growstars Fertiliser Tablets 10 Pack


SKU: LG-40508

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About this product

The revolutionary GROWSTAR nutrient tablet provides supreme nutrition for indoor and outdoor potted plants designed for controlled, slow release feeding where a targeted feed is required. This all-purpose, premium, non-toxic fertiliser gives your plants the boost they deserve as it fertilises, conditions and protects for optimal health. Containing NO synthetic chemicals and NO harmful heavy metals, it delivers a concentrated yet balanced formula of over 60 minerals and trace elements, which are lacking in many soils and available potting mixes. Essential for a healthy and happy soil, our 100% all-natural GROWSTARS can feed for up to 12 months, resulting in healthier plants that are naturally more resilient against pests, diseases and temperature stress. This saves you time and money! Unlike many fertilisers, our eco-friendly GROWSTARS are safe to handle and use around children and pets. They have no bad odours or bio-hazards, conditioning soil and improving plant health by providing lasting results in an effective set-and-forget tablet.

  • Simply place your tablet in the soil of both indoor and outdoor plants, and the nutrients are absorbed over time (up to 12 months)
  • Concentrated goodness for your plants
  • Loaded with bio-available nutrition, with outstanding analysis and results
  • A unique blend of over 60 bio-available minerals
  • All natural, high impact, slow release fertiliser
  • All purpose soil conditioner for healthier plants
  • Eco-friendly and safer for pets and people
  • Full nutrition with less pests and no bad odour

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