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Premium Organic Cow Manure 30L

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About this product

Rocky Point Mulching’s Organic Premium Cow Manure is fully composted, providing a safe nutrient rich soil conditioner for all gardens. Our composting process takes approximately 4 months where the temperature is monitored and the product is turned regularly until it matures. The matured cow manure is then screened and packed into a quality retail pack ready for sale. No short cuts are taken to produce this premium cow manure which is suitable for organic production. Premium Cow Manure is not pelletised.

  • Cow Manure is fully composted, therefore very low in odour
  • Provides excellent amounts of organic matter and nutrient into the soil
  • Cow Manure is a great retainer of moisture for the soil
  • Improves the soil structure and encourages earthworms and microbial activity
  • Product is environmentally friendly
  • NASAA Certified Input for Organic Production
  • Promotes plant growth in a natural organic way
  • Safe for all plants and great for vegetables
  • Australian made, family owned and operated

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