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Heavy Duty Baited Mouse Trap 2 Pack

Times Up

SKU: LG-34565

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About this product

Mouse Traps from Time's Up are pre-baited with rodent lure and ready to use. For best results place two traps 2-3 metres apart along runways or in other areas where rodents or droppings have been seen. Remember that rodents rely on their senses of smell and touch more so than vision, so they tend to run along walls and other vertical surfaces. When used against a wall or other vertical surface, snap traps should be placed perpendicular to the wall with the trigger end closer to the wal Heavy infestations may require more traps.

  • Twin pack
  • Simple one-touch-to-set trap setting
  • Deep bait trap suitable for all types of bait
  • Pre-baited with non-poisonous attractant
  • Trap clicks open for easy disposal and resetting

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