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Spacedek® Patio Roofing



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About this product

Designed for patio and carport use only. Spacedek is economical, strong, and can carry large volumes of water. Spacedek snaps together with a strong locking action.

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Space Spanning Strength

Patio cladding embued with strength and a unique snap together action

Spacedek has a 550mm cover which has the advantage of being easier to handle and fix in long lengths. The 50mm rib profile provides greater strength and spanning abilities which reduces the number of purlins and girts required.

Complying with Australian Standards, Spacedek simply snaps together providing a strong locking action. It features a 4.4m roof span when used in accordance with Stratco fixing recommendations.

Spacedek is rolled to lengths that suit your specific requirements. Minimum lengths available are 1.2 metres. Sheeting longer than 10 metres requires special transport, handling facilities and on-site labour to assist in unloading sheets.

Available Colours

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Translucent Sheeting

Translucent sheets are also available to match the Spacedek roof sheet profile. In patio, awning and carport applications, translucent sheets must be supported every 1200mm with 3mm strapping attached to steel on both sides, otherwise ponding could occur.


Design Information

All testing and design of Spacedek have been performed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards. This includes testing for both concentrated loads and wind forces.

Maximum allowable deck overhang 900mm with stiffened edge. 

Spans of 4.4 metres are achievable when using Spacedek in a carport, patio or awning situation for Region A - Category 3 (densely populated, residential) locations.

Design information
Span (m) Allowable Pressure (KPa)
End / Single Span Internal Span
Inwards Outwards Inwards Outwards
2.1 1.80 1.85 2.24 2.03
2.4 1.56 1.36 1.95 1.80
3.0 1.34 0.88 1.70 1.37
3.6 0.73 0.72 0.90 1.16
4.4 0.43 0.49 0.43 0.90

Material Specifications

Material Specifications - Spacedek 550 0.42mm BMT
Material Properties Zinc/al Colour
Total Coated Thickness (mm) 0.47 0.52
Mass (kg/linear metre) 2.64 2.70
Mass (kg/square metre) 4.80 4.91
Yield (square metre/tonne) 208.3 203.7
Tensile Strength (MPa) 550 550

Domestic Carport / Patio Spans

Maximum Spans (mm) - Determined by Wind Speeds for Non-Cyclonic Areas
Domestic Patio Wind Speed
N1 (W28) N2 (W33) N3 (W41) N4 (W50)
Spacedek 550 - 0.42mm BMT 4250 4250 3550 2600

Values applicable for use with steel supports of minimum 0.75mm thickness, G550.
Note: The above spans may be exceeded depending on the application. Contact Stratco for further advice

Fixing Directions

Note: the following recommendations apply to non-cyclonic areas.

  • All fasteners must have neoprene washers.
  • Each pan requires two fasteners.

Fastener Selection

Fixing to Steel - Patio Pan Fixing

10 x 16mm self drilling and tapping screw with neoprene washer


Fixing to Timber - Patio Pan Fixing

10 x 25mm type 17 hex head screw with neoprene washer


Fastener Positions

Six Fastener Location


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