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Modern, architecturally designed homes require a gutter with simple, clean and refined lines. Edge Gutter features the latest cutting edge styling. It has a large water carrying capacity and is available in a huge range of colours.

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Contemporary Guttering

The latest cutting edge in gutter design

Stratco Edge Gutter is versatile, attractive and easy to maintain. The smooth, straight lines and lack of external brackets give Stratco Edge Gutter the striking aesthetic and modern form that blends with the latest architectural styles.

Available Colours:

  • Armour Grey
  • Zinc/Aluminium
  • Beige
  • Birch
  • Banyan Brown
  • Cobblestone
  • Caulfield Green
  • Smooth Cream
  • Dark Stone
  • Driftwood
  • Ebony
  • Gull Grey
  • Granite
  • Gun Metal Grey
  • Heritage Red
  • Ironbark
  • Mountain Blue
  • Merino
  • Mist Green
  • Marsh
  • Moss Vale Sand
  • Off White
  • Primrose
  • Red Dust
  • Rivergum
  • River Reed
  • Slate Grey
  • Wild Sage

Form and Function

  • The new Stratco Edge Gutter is suitable for new construction and existing homes.
  • Stylish and adaptable gutter profile with a smooth and neat appearance.
  • Suits all modern, contemporary and architecturally designed homes.
  • Ideal new look and simple design to suit both steel or tile roof applications.
  • Designed with generous water carrying capacities.
  • Available in all Stratco colours.
  • Full range of accessories available.

High Fronted Edge Gutter

High fronted gutters hide the lower edge of tiles or roof cladding which creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is important that sufficient overflow measures are included in the design of the guttering system and that high fronted gutters are installed in such a way that if they overflow, it will not result in water flowing back into the roof or building.


The design and installation of guttering and downpipe systems needs to comply with the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards AS/NZS 3500.3 Plumbing and Drainage, Stormwater Drainage and AS/NZS 3500.5 National Plumbing and Drainage, Domestic Installations.

It is also important that relevant State regulations are satisfied. For example, New South Wales legislation requires all gutter and downpipe installations be undertaken by a suitably licensed installer who holds a current certificate issued by the NSW Office of Fair Trading.

Maintenance Requirements

The performance of Edge Gutter over time depends on its correct application and maintenance. Maintenance should be performed as often as is required to remove any dirt, salt and pollutants. Where used in severely corrosive environments, cleaning should be performed more often.

Refer to the Stratco ‘Selection, Use and Maintenance’ brochure, for more detailed information about the correct use and maintenance of this product.


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Tensile (MPa) BMT (mm) Type Capacity (mm²) Total Cross Section
Area (mm²)
G550 0.42 Standard 14,856 16,833
WA Gutter 9,151 10,936

Note: Calculation of the effective cross sectional area ‘Capacity’ is based on the requirements of section 3.8 AS/NZS 2179.1:1994.


Edge Gutter Profile

  • Edge Gutter Profile
  • Dimensions (mm)
    Side Standard WA Gutter
    A 110 75
    B 100 110
    C 200 210
    D 140 140

Gutter Accessories

  • Edge Gutter Accessory

    Stop End

  • Edge Gutter Accessory

    Stop End WA

  • Edge Gutter Accessory

    Gutter Bracket

Installation DetailsClick to ExpandClick to Contract

Wood Fascia Bracket Installation

When fixing Edge Gutter to wood fascia ensure the bracket is secured using a minimum of two self drilling wood screws into the rafter. Bend bracket as required to ensure correct fit.

Edge Gutter Installation On Wood Fascia

Metal Fascia Bracket Installation

When fixing Edge Gutter to metal fascia ensure the bracket is secured using a minimum of one self drilling wood screw into the rafter and one self drilling metal screw into the fascia and through the suspension clip. Bend bracket as required to ensure correct fit.

Edge Gutter Installation On Metal Fascia

Bracket Spacing

Installation of mutliple Edge Gutter Brackets should be spaced at maximum 1200mm centres.

Ensure the bracket hook fold is correctly positioned.

Edge Gutter Bracket Spacing


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