Roller Garage Doors

Stratco Garage Roller Doors are some of the smoothest and quietest roller doors on the market. We follow a strict check list using the highest quality parts to produce superior garage roller doors.

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Unique Design, Greater Strength

Smooth, strong and quiet, high quality garage roller doors

Great strength and rigidity are qualities of the unique design of the Stratco Garage Door Windlok System for roller doors used in high wind locations. The patented system, developed by Creeks Metal Industries, incorporates a moulded lug secured to the door curtain, which interlocks with the matching shaped side-track. The design ensures smooth operation with exceptional wind load characteristics.

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Selection Use & Maintenance

25,000 Cycle

25,000 cycle rated springs means the door will travel up 25,000 times and down 25,000 times before replacements may be required.

Up to 5.6 Metres Wide and 5 Metres High

Stratco Garage Doors produce all standard size roller doors as well as customised doors up to a huge 5.6 metres wide and 5 metres high.

Wind-Lock Tracking

Wind-lock tracking is a secondary tracking system that prevents a door from being blown in from high winds. While highly recommended for larger doors over 4.8m wide, wind-lock tracking is perfect for increased household security and peace of mind during the Queensland storm season.

Chute bolts can be added to any Stratco roller door to padlock the door when increased security is required.

With its super quiet operation, rolling code transmitter, convenient hand set and many more features, the Stratco garage door operator is the perfect companion for your Stratco roller door.

Independently Tested and Certified

Investigation and calculations for ‘Ultimate Limit State Design’ conducted by Technisearch Ltd., of Melbourne, Australia, showed the Stratco Windlok System, by Creeks, *complied with Australian Standard AS1170.2-1989, Section 3, for Category C regions with wind speeds to 70 metres/second, subject to proper fixing of the bracket to an approved supporting structure.

Added Security

The Stratco Garage Doors Windlok Roller Door Guide Channel System not only holds the door firmly in position to help prevent damage caused by high winds, but it also serves as an extra safe-guard against ‘break-ins’, because the curtain cannot be easily pushed in to allow unwanted entry.


A major advantage of the Stratco Garage Doors Windlok System by Creeks is that it is as simple to install as a standard Stratco Garage Doors Roller Door. Some allowance for extra curtain width is necessary, and provided the support structure is adequate the fixing is quick and easy, using the height adjustable bracket system.

Economical and Versatile

The costs are minimal in comparison to the advantages gained when the Stratco Garage Doors Windlok System is included in a new installation, and converting an existing Stratco Garage Doors Roller Door to the Windlok System is quite a simple and relatively inexpensive procedure.

Helpful Advice

Whether you’re considering installing a new Stratco Garage Doors Roller Door and are not sure what you need, or wish to make your existing Roller Door more secure, contact a Stratco Garage Door Representative who will gladly advise on all aspects of the Stratco Garage Door Windlok System by Creeks.

*The Stratco Garage Doors Windlok System by Creeks is Patent protected, under Patent Application No PL3111/92

Garage Door Accessories

Emergency Key Release

Used in case of malfunction or power failure, the emergency key release is especially useful if there is no other access into the garage.

Battery Back-Up

Also used in case of malfunction or power failure, the battery back-up allows electronic operation of your garage door.

Digital Keyless Entry Wireless Keypad

The digital keyless entry wireless keypad allows entry into your garage from outside if a hand transmitter is not available. A keypad with cover that can be programmed with codes from 1 to 6 digits for maximum security, includes a back-light for your convenience when used in poor lighting situations.

Garage Doors Digital Keypad

Multi-Function Hand Transmitter

A multi-function hand transmitter may be used for up to four individual doors and gates.

Photo Eye Protection

Our Silent Guard non-contact reversing system transmits an invisible light across the inside of your garage door opening, providing added protection against a door operating when a car or person is in the door opening area.

Garage Doors Photo Eye Protection


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