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DESIGN GUIDE STRATCO CEILING BATTENS The Stratco Ceiling Batten is a quality product that benefits from a combination of high strength and rigidity with low weight and cost. It is compatible with all

DESIGN GUIDE STRATCO ROOFING BATTENS Stratco Roofing Battens are light yet strong, offering an economical alternative to timber roof battens. Manufactured from hi-tensile zinc/alum steel, the battens

FEATURES ASSEMBLY The Stratco RoofcapTM Batten is an efficient way to re-roof commercial buildings. New roof sheets can now be installed directly over the existing roof, eliminating office or factory

Ladder Drill Bit Tape Measure Phillips Head Adapter Pliers Angle Grinder Spirit Level Power Drill Hex Head Adapter Permanent Marker Tin Snips Gloves String Line Safety Glasses TOOLS REQUIRED BEFORE

www.stratco.com.au Ph: 1300 155 155 Product Description 0.75mm BMT AS1397/G550 AZ150 Design Criteria The following criteria were used in development of the tables: 1. Region C with a design return

Steel Framing Products Precision engineered, high quality steel building materials. Start with a Strong Foundation Stratco manufacture metal framing solutions for a large range of building projects.

www.stratco.com.au 3451 4444 Fax: 3451 4545 Tested for Compliance  Stratco CGI, Superdek, Smartspan and Prodek roofing profiles have been tested in accordance with the Low-High-Low pressure

THE SUPERIOR ROOF TILE TOOLS REQUIRED You can be assured your Stratco Suntile™ Classic roof will be strong and durable, because SuntileTM Classic roof tiles are made from high quality coloured steel.

15.0m13.6m 32.5m 28.5m Clickfast Torrent Clip TimberContour SPACER GUTTER CLIP TORRENT INSTALL GUIDE It is important when designing a roof drainage system that appropriate overflow measures are