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Stratco Product Specifications, We'll Bring The HowTo.

Stratco Select offers a broad range of product specifications, BIM and CAD files for Stratco manufactured building products.

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Stratco Select

Stratco Select offers a broad range of product specifications, BIM and CAD files for Stratco manufactured building products.

Made from COLORBOND® steel

All Stratco roofing, guttering and fascia is made from COLORBOND® steel.

1. Looks Better For Longer
COLORBOND® steel with advanced paint technology provides a durable, baked-on paint finish that resists chipping, flaking and blistering so the COLORBOND® steel features of your project such as roofing, walling, guttering and garage doors - will look better for longer.

2. Leading Innovation
For many decades, COLORBOND® steel has been a popular choice for many Australian projects. As a commitment to being on the forefront of current and emerging building design demands and trends, COLORBOND® steel developed Activate® technology. This industry leading coating technology, enhances the protective coating of COLORBOND® steel substrate, making COLORBOND® steel one of the world's toughest, most advanced building materials. See how COLORBOND® steel is made.

3. Tried And Tested
The legendary lifespan of COLORBOND® steel is the result of decades of performance-monitoring under some of Australia's harshest conditions. This happens at exposure testing sites across Australia. So you can be sure COLORBOND® steel is made for durability in Australian conditions. In addition to the extensive testing performed by BlueScope on COLORBOND® steel, the Stratco research and development team have performed additional testing to ensure quality, strength and durability.

4. Smaller Environmental Footprint
The introduction of Activate® technology is also important for those choosing materials with sustainability in mind. COLORBOND® steel with Activate® technology uses fewer metal resources and has an increased lifespan, compared to original COLORBOND® steel. The result is a smaller environmental footprint.

5. Thermal Comfort
21 of the 22 COLORBOND® steel colours include Thermatech® solar reflectance technology.1 Thermatech® technology is designed to reflect more of the sun’s heat on hot sunny days, which may help reduce the energy load of your home through less reliance on air-conditioning.2

6. Location Location
Whether your project is inland, or by the coast, COLORBOND® steel has a colour or product to meet the needs that your building demands. Learn more about COLORBOND® Ultra steel or COLORBOND® Stainless recommended for coastal and industrial environments.

7. Peace Of Mind
The performance provided by COLORBOND® steel with Activate® technology allows Stratco to offer warranties for peace of mind. Contact us to confirm warranty details for your Stratco product.

1. Thermatech® technology is not available in Night Sky® and is not available in COLORBOND® Stainless Steel
2. Results will depend on level of insulation, building shape and function..

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