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3 Ways to Update Your Bathroom


3 Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Posted on: November 2, 2015

Wanting to update your bathroom but concerned about it turning into a big job? Here are three ways the task can be minimised.

Want to renovate your bathroom without the hassle? For a quick facelift, it probably only needs a spring clean - and what better time then now?

Doing up your bathroom does not have to turn into a big project and can even be undertaken on a rainy day. Here are three easy ways to get the job done.

1) Clean and reshuffle

You'll be surprised by how many people amass bath and beauty products and forget to clear them out. A recent survey by Roy Morgan Research estimates that 6.3 million Australian women (aged 14 years and older) buy makeup in an average six months, it is likely that these products will collate over time.

Organising your bathroom can take minimal time and effort and de-cluttering can even help alleviate stress. The University of California studied households across Los Angeles and found that when they failed to manage their volume of possessions, it could lead to mothers being more stressed.

Simple storage solutions can make your bathroom look classier, with towels or other items organised neatly.

2) Re-paint

For those who have a bit more time, a simple coat of paint can go a long way in a bathroom. You can also choose a new colour or even give your current paint job a touch up. When choosing a shade, lighter colours work well to make a small space appear larger than it is. If you are looking for something extra, a feature wall can elevate any area, even a bathroom.

Painting does not need to be limited to the walls, but can help update an older-looking cabinet or shelf. For bathroom tiles, a thorough polish with the right equipment can make them look brand new. Ensuring you have the correct interior paint for the project is essential as well as the right tools.

3) Accessorise

Once your bathroom has been organised, you may find you want to change up the accessories. Updating shower curtains and vanity items can help give your space a modern, fresh look. Ensuring your bathroom's decor complements the rest of your home can lift this oftentimes forgotten area.

If you would like a more substantial change, why not update your vanities? This can work out cheaper than a full-scale renovation yet gives you just as much transformation.

Renovating your bathroom does not need to be a large-scale project and these simple steps can help start the spring cleaning in your home.