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Steel Framing

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Steel Framing Products

Precision engineered, high quality steel building materials.

Start with a Strong Foundation

Stratco manufacture metal framing solutions for a large range of building projects. Stratco Steel Framing products benefit from the inherent strength, durability, accuracy and weight saving properties of steel. With extensive engineering and manufacturing experience, Stratco produces Steel Framing products for industrial, commercial, residential and remote area constructions.

Build on strength with a large range of high quality, precision engineered steel framing and construction products.

Steel Framing Advantages

  • Steel is strong and durable, offering long lasting structural integrity.
  • Steel framing won't warp, twist or shrink.
  • Non-combustible, steel framing offers a significant reduction in flammable material.
  • Steel roof, wall and floor framing is 100 per cent termite proof.
  • Requiring no chemical treatments, metal framing is the healthier alternative.
  • Steel Framing is relatively lightweight, reducing transport and installation costs.
  • With an excellent strength to weight ratio, steel framing allows for greater design flexibility.
  • Reduced onsite cutting minimises installation time and material wastage.

Steel Framing Page

Stratco Steel Framing Range

  • C Purlins, Z Purlins and Girts for large scale industrial projects to smaller applications such as garages, patios and carports. With eight heights and six thickness combinations ranging from 75mm thick to massive 400mm thick purlins that are capable of impressive spans.
  • X-1® Steel Trusses are part of the X-1® Steel Framing system. Quality, precision engineered metal framing trusses in a range of different configurations, to suit any application from commercial to residential buildings.
  • Stratco offers a wide range of Steel Wall Framing solutions, from standard stud, plate and nogging to the advanced X-1® Steel Wall Framing system. Strong, consistent, high quality wall framing that is lightweight and durable.
  • Tuffloor Steel Flooring is ideal for domestic housing and house extensions. It supports a wide range of floor cladding and is a strong, long lasting, lightweight alternative to timber framing.
  • Stratco Roof Battens and Ceiling Battens are light yet strong, offering an economical alternative to timber battens. Manufactured from hi-tensile zinc/alum steel, Stratco Roof and Ceiling Battens remain straight and consistent throughout their long life.
  • Re-roof over an existing roof with the Stratco Roofcap Batten. The efficient way to re-roof commercial buildings. New roof sheets can be installed the existing roof, eliminating office or factory down time.
  • Smooth, strong, attractive door frames are a feature of the Speedframe Steel Door Framing system. With six door frame configurations, there is a style to suit most applications.

Engineered for Quality and Strength

Stratco Steel Framing is manufactured from the highest quality material. In the harsh Australian environment, Stratco metal framing products will withstand the test of time. Designed, engineered and tested to comply with Australian Standards for the strongest 'Region D' cyclonic conditions, Stratco metal framing products will be a lasting investment.

Manufacturing and Delivery

With operations in every major capital city as well as Kununurra, Broome, and Alice Springs, Stratco can manufacture and deliver your order on time via our extensive transportation network including remote area delivery.

Building & Hardware

Stratco has over 600 Building and Hardware products to assist you in building your dream outdoor or indoor space.

Steel Framing

The X-1® Steel Framing product in particular is quality, precision engineered and Stratco designed to meet strict standards of strength and durability. It is a complete steel building solution for both commercial and residential applications and this style of framing can be ordered to suit your exact requirements.

For all your Steel Framing needs, contact us today.