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Roofcap Batten


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Install a new roof over your old roof with the ingenious Stratco Roofcap Batten. Re-roofing with steel cladding is made easy. The roof batten is attached to the existing roof, insulation is laid in-between, and new cladding is fixed on top. This style of batten can be ordered to suit your exact requirements. Whether you want to install it yourself or require assistance, we are here to help. Contact us for pricing and further details today.

Innovative Re-Roofing

Simply install a new roof over your old roof

The Stratco Roofcap Batten is an efficient way to re-roof commercial buildings. New roof cladding can now be installed directly over the existing roof sheeting, therefore eliminating office or factory down time. The Roofcap Batten is positioned over the old roof cladding and fastens into the purlins, acting as the battens for the new roof, while providing a cavity for insulation to improve the buildings thermal efficiency. Roofcap Battens have been certified to the wind regions and spans for each roof profile listed in the 'Specifications Table' for non-cyclonic areas.

Roofcap Batten Advantages

  • Allow you to re-roof a building without removing the existing cladding.
  • No loss in production time for commercial properties during the re-roofing process as the workspace is not exposed to an open roof.
  • Roof battens are available in multiple heights to accomodate different thicknesses of insulation.
  • Roof battens are available to suit all Stratco and equivalent roof cladding profiles.
  • Roofcap Battens are supplied in approximately 3m lengths to allow for existing roof cladding creep.

Simple Installation

Stratco Roofcap Battens are simple to install. The roof battens are positioned over the existing roof cladding and fastened through the valleys into the underlying roof purlins.

The Roofcap battens are overlapped with a minimum of one bottom flange overlap, then fastened together using self drilling screws through the pre-punched pilot holes.

Insulation with anti condensation properties can be fitted over the Roofcap Battens, before the new roofing is installed. New roof sheets are fastened to the Roofcap Battens.


Manufactured from hi-tensile galvanised steel, Stratco Roofcap Battens with their applicable roof cladding profile or equivalent comply with the testing requirements set out in AS1562.1-1992 and AS4040.0, 1&2–1992. Wind pressures are determined in accordance with AS4055–2006 for domestic applications and AS/NZS1170.2:2011 for all other applications. Refer to wind capacity tables on the Stratco website for allowable spans. Roofcap Battens are to be used in non-cyclonic regions only.

Base Metal Thickness:  1.2mm
Yield Strength:  550 MPa
Coating Mass:  275g/m2

Steel Framing Re Roofing Roofcap Batten Profile

Existing Roof Cladding Product Code Insulation Thickness Dimension 'A' Dimension 'B' Screws Per Flange
Topdek 700 or equivalent RCBATOP753033GA 75mm 62mm 75mm 1
RCBATOP553033GA 55mm 82mm 55mm 1
Prodek or equivalent RCBAPRO753044GA 75mm 62mm 75mm 1
Superdek or equivalent RCBASUP753048GA 75mm 67mm 70mm 2
RCBASUP553048GA 55mm 67mm 50mm 2
RCBASUP3048NIGA No insulation 67mm 40mm 2
Smartspan or equivalent RCBASSP752975GA 75mm 62mm 75mm 1
RCBASSP552975GA 55mm 62mm 55mm 1
RCBASSP2975NIGA No insulation 62mm 45mm 1
CGI Corrugated RCBACGI752964GA 75mm 62mm 75mm 1
RCBACGI552964GA 55mm 52mm 55mm 1
RCBACGI2964NIGA No insulation 71mm 36mm 1

Note: Batten spacing must not exceed the maximum recommended roof cladding spans for the new roof. The new roof cladding profile must have the same minimum span as the existing cladding. Battens are to be fastened through to the existing roof cladding and into the timber or steel roof purlins.

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