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5 Simple DIY Tips to Make Life Easier


5 simple DIY tips to make life easier

Posted on: June 12, 2015

Whether you are serious about DIY or just a casual enthusiast, here are 5 simple tips that can help you do your job better.

We found five tips that the experts swear by and we're pretty darn sure you will love them too.

1. How to stop your tools from rusting

Sometimes having the right tool for the job is not enough - nothing is more frustrating than one that is not sharp.

Here's a quick fix: keep a piece of chalk in your box, especially the sections that contains metal items. By absorbing the moisture, the chalk will in turn reduce the chances of rusting.

2. Removing a stripped screw

Now here is a peeve all DIY-er hate equally. You are studiously working towards a project, getting work done and making progress until a screw gets so damaged it becomes impossible to turn.

The disfigured screw gets worse as you try all sorts of different ways to extract it.

There are several methods to get the job done, however, here's one that looks pretty reliable.

You will need a screwdriver with a tip that matches the offending screw and a hammer, lightly tap the screwdriver to set it. Now use maximum downward force to gradually back out the screw.

3. Removing screws that have been painted over

In keeping with the theme of screws that are hard to remove, here is another sore point - screws that have been painted over.

You can use the stripped screw method, or there is another more effective way of doing the job.

Heat a small piece of wire using a lighter or match (be careful not to burn your hands, you could use pliers to hold the wire). Now use the wire to melt the paint out of the screw head.

4. Measure twice cut once

Straight forward we know, but you will be surprised that even seasoned DIY-ers forget this one. Always make sure you double check measurements to avoid hassles later.

5. Get specialised advice

Always make sure you get your home improvement supplies from a reputable retailer with quality products.

If you feel that you have landed a job that you do not have the skills for, visit your nearest Stratco branch for some free advice.