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Hello and welcome to a brand new year! I must be getting old because they seem to fly past in the blink of an eye! January is often a time of change for many people. We make New Year's resolutions

Green Screen

Dec 21 2023

One of our horticulturalists Philip Davey sat down with SA Life magazine and spoke about his one true passion: Hedges. Here's what he had to say. I recall while growing up, we had a huge backyard. It

Welcome to our latest gardening adventure! Today, we're diving into the world of modular garden beds and turning a simple setup into a vibrant and edible paradise. Join me, Phil, your gardening guide

Well, here we are in December again! I’m not sure where the year has gone, and although I know I’m getting older, the years seem to fly past with incredible speed. Now that Christmas is almost upon

STRATCO WINS 2023 HIA NT HOUSING SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR AWARD Congratulations to our Stratco Northern Territory team, recently winning the 2023 HIA-CSR Northern Territory Housing and Kitchen & Bahtroom

In today's eco-conscious world, the desire for fresh, homegrown produce has sparked a surge in innovative gardening solutions. Enter Vegepod, the game-changer in sustainable gardening that’s taking

Another month has slid by and we are starting the run towards Christmas, a sure sign being the Pageant happening last Saturday. Not sure where the year goes! We are about to enter a period of pretty

Industry-Leading Sustainability Meets Elevated Performance and Aesthetics Expanding upon the exceptional legacy of Trex™ Transcend® decking comes Lineage™ – the epitome of Trex's coolest decking

Welcome to our October blog, it looks like we’re in for a very warm rest of spring and summer going by the weather we’ve had so far, although some cooler showery days ahead this week. October is the

When looking at colours for your decking, there are more options than ever before to choose from. For many years the common decking colours have been variations of brown. In recent times we’ve seen

When looking to undertake any new project or backyard renovation, the age-old question is “how much is it going to cost?”.  The cost of a fence and/or fence installation will have a few contributing

Sprucing up your concrete or garage floor with a coating not only elevates its appearance but also makes it easier to clean and maintain. Whether your garage or shed serves as a home for your car, a