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Both steel and timber frames have their advantages and disadvantages as structural framing materials. Cost, sustainability, longevity and flexibility should all be taken into account when making your decision.

Autumn is probably our favourite time of year in the garden. The really hot days are gone and so are most of the destructive gully winds, leaving us with cool nights followed by mild sunny days. Thus, the perfect time of the year for establishing new plantings in your gardens.

Wade and partner Maddie were looking for an outdoor entertaining solution to complement their native backyard to suit all seasons. Situated in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, the couple were needing something they could incorporate a fireplace into for the cold winter nights. Wade and Maddie vi

Over 40 years later, the Stratco Good Neigbour® Fencing system is now available in 5 profiles: Superdek, Corrugated, Wavelok, Smartspan and CGI Mini with over 12 colours to choose from. The product is available online and in-store in pre-configured panels of standard height and length. We include th

After the longest-lasting Vuly ever, most affordable trampoline, lightest package or the most advanced trampoline in the world? We stock it, right here in Australia. Find Vuly Trampolines and Vuly 360 Play Sets at your local store now.

Australia has recently experienced some of the most damaging hail events since 2014. See recommendations from Stratco for re-roofing patios without compromising structural integrity.

This is an effective design to obtain a large coverage area but still let large amount of light into the area and house. The column design allows the Cooldek Patio to sit right up to the boundary line maximising the space as much as possible.

Masterton Homes were looking for a partner who could design and build outdoor living spaces to complement and add value to existing and new display homes.  The quality of the patios needed to match the high quality of their homes with complementary colours and architectural features.  They also need

It’s almost impossible to pick the weather at the moment, one day we’re sweltering through 40 plus degrees and the next we’re digging in the wardrobe for a jumper because it’s cold! At least the cooler days are giving our gardens and ourselves a chance to recover before the next burst of hot weather

Last year we teamed up with Lauren Brant, Australian actress and TV personality, to create her dream outdoor space at her coastal QLD home. Lauren and her partner, Barry Hall, purchased their home a

Here we are in a “new” year, hopefully, one not quite as crazy as the last. There has been a steady increase in people returning to gardening or perhaps starting for the first time due to the influx

Now is the perfect time to complete the renovations you have been thinking about for years or building a home of your own with the help of a government grant and record low interest rates.