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February Garden Notes


It’s almost impossible to pick the weather at the moment, one day we’re sweltering through 40 plus degrees and the next we’re digging in the wardrobe for a jumper because it’s cold! At least the cooler days are giving our gardens and ourselves a chance to recover before the next burst of hot weather.

New Additions For The Garden

Driving around at the moment you will see the Crepe Myrtle in full flower. These small trees can grow anywhere between 4 to 5 metres, very hardy and smothered in red, pink, mauve or white flowers at this time of year making them a perfect addition to any garden. We are stocking a newer range of these in stores now called Diamonds in the Dark; they have almost black leaves with contrasting flowers in the same colours. Growing up to three metres, this is also a magnificent plant for Adelaide gardens.

Preparing For Winter Veggies

Strange as it may seem it’s actually time to start thinking about getting the garden ready to plant winter veggies. The Brassica family including cabbage, cauliflower etc are what we call “gross feeders”, meaning that they require a rich soil full of nutrient and organic matter to perform well. Digging in animal manures such as cow manure, and organic composts such as mushroom compost, and letting them sit for a few weeks before planting will provide the perfect start for your veggies when you do put them in.

Don’t forget that if you are limited for ground space to grow veggies in you can always grow them in pots and raised garden beds. These come in a range of sizes and styles available now in either flat or pre-assembled ready to go! It’s a good idea to line them with weed mat to prevent soil washing out and if they’re on soil this will help to keep roots from adjacent trees and shrubs from invading the growing space. You can use a bulk potting mix to fill, add cow manure and compost to the top for 200-300mm to provide enough goodness for your plants.

Valentine’s Day

February 14th is of course Valentine’s Day, and if you are looking for a gift that is certain to delight your loved one perhaps consider a plant. There are lots of beautiful indoor plants in store along with a great range of decorative pots, I’m sure we’d have something to bring a smile to their face.

Final Note

If you are unsure about anything to do with your garden both inside or out, just ask one of our qualified garden staff for help, we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Visit your local store now or give us a call on 1300 165 165.