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HowTo Build And Light Your Low Smoke Firepit

Do you love the warmth and ambiance of a fire in the cooler months, but hate the smell of smoke that comes with it? The Stratco Low Smoke Fire Pit offers the best of both worlds. Get the same warmth of an outdoor fire pit without the same smoke making your time with family and friends more enjoyable. Let's take a look at the simple steps to assembling and lighting your Low Smoke Fire Pit.

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Step 1: Unbox and Lay Out the Parts

Unbox your fire pit and lay out all the parts. Double-check everything against your checklist. Having everything in front of you makes the assembly process a lot easier and quicker.

Step 2: Wearing Safety Gear

Before diving into the assembly, we highly recommend you put on your safety gloves and glasses. As we're handling steel, we want to be extra safe. Trust us, it's always better to be safe than sorry!

Step 3: Assembling the Fire Pit

Ensure when assembling your fire pit that it is on a flat surface. Follow the supplied instructions for assembling the low smoke fire pit. The vents should sit at the base of the fire pit.

Step 4: Lighting the Low Smoke Fire Pit

Once you've assembled the fire pit, it's time to get that fire roaring. Ensure your fire pit is on a flat surface before lighting, and consider using pavers or something similar underneath to avoid burning or leaving marks.

Crumple some newspaper and place it at the bottom of the fire pit. This will act as your initial fuel. Add dry kindling or wood pellets on top of the newspaper. This material catches fire easily and helps ignite the larger logs. Light the newspaper. As it burns, it will ignite the kindling. Once the kindling catches fire, gradually add your larger logs or charcoal.

Maintenance Tips

Cleaning and Storage

  • After Each Use: Allow the fire pit to cool down completely. Remove any ash or debris.
  • Preventing Rust: Clean and dry the fire pit to avoid iron oxidization. Once cleaned, cover it using the cover provided.

The Low Smoke Fire Pit has been treated with high temperature paint; however, after each use, please clean and dry the fire pit to avoid iron oxidization and rust

And there you have it—your Stratco Low Smoke Fire Pit is assembled, lit, and ready to go. Gather around with friends and family, roast some marshmallows, and enjoy the warmth! If you'd like more information on the Low Smoke Fire Pit or our full range of outdoor heating solutions, please call 1300 165 165 or head into your local Stratco store today.

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