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HowTo DIY - Gutter Garden & Coloured PVC


Are you looking for a DIY project with the extra time at home? Learn how to create your own Gutter Wall Garden with easy how to steps for a small backyard design.

Create your own backyard décor with Stratco Edge Gutter at a low cost that will become a statement piece in your outdoor area.

All you need is:

For this particular Gutter Wall, the customer used:

  • Stratco Edge Gutter - 3 lengths at 5.0m in, 2 lengths at 200mm (to create a small corner mitre). The customers chosen colours were Birch, Armour Grey and Dark Stone.
  • 6 Edge Gutter Stop Ends - 2 per chosen colour (3 left and 3 right).
  • 2mm rivets in each colour.
  • Translucent silicone
  • 4 Edge Gutter Str-8-line Internal Straps per 5.0m gutter length (placed at 1.2m intervals).
  • 2 External Cast Angles
  • 12 succulents per 5m gutter length
  • Potting Mix of your choice

Tools Required:

How To Steps:

  1. Decide on your chosen gutter to use which in this case is Stratco Edge Gutter.
  2. Grab the Edge Gutter Internal Straps. Position gutter straps into the gutter bead, press the rear tab of the Gutter Strap over and around the top of the fascia. Place at intervals no more than 1200mm. To finish screw the back tab of the Gutter Strap to the screening or wall you have decided to use.
  3. Grab the 2 lengths of 200mm Edge Gutter. Decide which ends of the Gutter design you would like to follow around the corner of the screening or wall (see the picture below), or you can use Stop Ends for all Gutter ends. Use the 2 External Cast Angles, along with 2 Stop Ends to create the corner effect. Seal with the silicone and secure with rivets.
  4. Place the remaining Edge Gutter Stop Ends on the gutter lengths securing with rivets and silicone.
  5. Plant all of your succulents in allowing at least 150mm between each plant. Place the potting mix around the plants ensuring you fill the gutters with a 1-inch gap from the top.
  6. Water your Gutter Garden Wall accordingly. If you decide to place vegetables and herbs in the Gutter Wall, make sure you water them regularly.

For more information regarding the installation view the Stratco Gutter Install Guide.