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HowTo Garden - August 2020


Welcome to August, the month when we start to get everything ready for spring.

It has been very cold but a little on the dry side, so keep an eye on your garden for dry spots. You will find that supplementary watering, especially for pots that are undercover, will be necessary. Also, ensure you look out for any plants with frost damage until the sub-zero early mornings disappear as we have had some very cold mornings of late. See our HowTo July Garden Blog for ways to help control this.

Still time for veggie gardens

This is the perfect time to be preparing your vegetable plot for all your summer veggies. We recommend using animal manure such as cow manure, and compost to spread over your plot and dig in. This will break down in the next four weeks or so, and when the soil has warmed up enough to plant your tomatoes and similar vegetables it will provide them with everything they need to get off to a great start. Ideal right! If you like to grow veggies from seeds get them going too! Tomatoes, capsicum and chillies can all be sown now and will be ready to plant out in four to six weeks. There is still plenty of time to plant lots of the winter vegetable seeds such as potatoes, cabbage and broccoli too.

New additions to Stratco Garden

Spring is on the way with the first of the petunias and summer flowers hitting the shelves in-store. We are also excited to announce that we now have a range of plants online and available through Click & Collect! Take a look below at what new plants could make a feature in your garden.

Are you feeding your garden?

Feeding your garden should be another priority at the moment. Fruit trees, although not shooting yet, will have their root systems becoming active and looking for their first feed of the season. Likewise, with roses, lawns...in fact so will a large part of the garden. Your spring flowering bulbs should be starting to show some colour will appreciate a regular feed from now on too.

So, rug up and spend some time in your garden now to watch the rewards come in spring and summer.

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