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July Garden Notes


The July Garden Notes are here!

The shortest day of the year has passed, and spring is approaching at what seems like a gallop. Even though the mornings and nights have been chilly, even frosty, we are experiencing some beautiful, moderate days, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find some time to go outside and do a few tasks on the to-do list.

Top Ideas

Applying a seaweed-based foliar spray on a daily basis is one of the things you can do to assist your garden to survive the winter. However, don't forget to treat indoor plants as well. These treatments not only benefit plants in hot weather, but they also really help against stress caused by severely cold circumstances. Try this Indoor Plant Foliage Spray. 

Indoor Plants

Some of the most resilient, simple-to-grow indoor plants in the catalogue are in-store now. Peace lilies must be almost the ideal indoor plant because they can withstand most lighting conditions and let you know when they need water. We also have excellent and simple-to-care-for plants including Devil's Ivy, Dracaena, Umbrella Plants, and Xanadu Philodendron. We can still enjoy an indoor garden even in the dead of winter when we may not venture outside very often because these not only look nice inside but also purify the air.

Plan Ahead

Finally, beginning to think about springtime preparations is another thing you can do at this time of year, particularly on those chilly, rainy days when you can't go outside. Make a cup of tea and take some time to determine what needs to be changed or improved in your garden.

  • Do you like the vegetable garden?
  • More raised garden beds are you in need of?
  • Do you wish to plant additional fruit trees?
  • Or do things simply need to be updated?

These are the kinds of things you may think about, and if you have a strategy in place, you'll be prepared to get started when the weather becomes better in a month or two. Stay dry and comfortable while taking in July.

Ask one of our knowledgeable garden staff members for advice if you have any questions regarding anything having to do with your garden, indoors or out. We would be pleased to lead you on the correct path. Call us on 1300 165 165 or visit your local store.