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How Harmful Is Skin Cancer?


Help Stratco and Cancer Council raise vital funds for Australians impacted by cancer this Stratco National Patio Day.

Skin cancer accounts for the largest number of cancers diagnosed in Australia each year with more than 2,000 Australians losing their life to melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, every year.

This year Stratco National Patio Day is on Saturday 5 December. Celebrate the start of summer by helping Stratco and Cancer Council raise vital funds for those impacted by cancer. Help us educate Australians on the importance of sun protection whenever the UV is 3 and above. 

Follow our 5 easy steps to protect yourself and others from the sun:

  1. Use the SunSmart UV indicator to check the UV levels—if it’s 3 and above, you need to make sure you protect your skin. Temperature is not a good indicator if sun protection is needed which is why checking the UV levels is so important!
  2. Stay under the shade when hosting activities to reduce your UV exposure.
  3. Protect your skin by wearing sun protective clothing, wraparound sunglasses and a broad brimmed hat to stop your skin from being exposed to the sun.
  4. Continue to apply sunscreen every two hours during your time spent outside.
  5. Avoid being outside during the peak UV level times of the day.

Stratco Patios have been providing vital shade to families all over Australia for decades so they can enjoy the Australian summer safely with protection from the sun. Stratco will be donating a minimum of $50 for every patio sold until November 30*. Purchase your Stratco Patio now and have it in time for National Patio Day.

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3 Ways To Win With National Patio Day 2020

1. Sign Up & Fundraise For Your $20 Voucher And You Could Win a $30,000 Stratco Home Stadium*

Summer is the ideal time to entertain, so celebrate the start of summer by hosting your own Stratco National Patio Day event. Help educate those around you on the importance of sun safety and raise funds for Cancer Council. Every $20 you raise provides an entry to win a $30,000 Stratco Home Stadium*. You will also receive a $20 voucher and a number of additional special offers when you sign up to host a National Patio Day event*.

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2. Show Us Your Best Dennis To Win

As an Australian sports commentator, Dennis Cometti is known for his famous one-liners with great wit and brilliant quick thinking. Show Us Your Best Dennis by commentating your favourite backyard activity like Dennis to win. Here are some of our favourite one-liners from Dennis to inspire you:

  • "Centimetre perfect"
  • He "went into that last pack optimistically and came out misty optically"
  • "So it’s back to the old drawing board. Obviously a luxury that the guy who invented the drawing board didn’t have", 
  • "There is something magnetic about his aura. He should be covered in fridge magnets."

Show us your best Dennis on either Facebook or Instagram to win:

  • First Prize: Vuly Ultra M Trampoline valued at $1,050
  • Second Prize: Beefeater BUGG BBQ valued at $700
  • Third Prize: National Patio Day Pop Up Patio
  • We will also give away one $50 Stratco voucher for the best entry each fortnight.

How to enter:

You can enter on either Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook – By posting on the Entrant’s Facebook Page, tagging the Stratco Facebook page (@stratco) in an unrestricted public post. The Entrant’s Facebook account privacy must be set to public and not private.; or

Instagram – By posting on the Entrant’s Instagram Page and including #nationalpatioday in an unrestricted public post. The Entrant’s Instagram account privacy must be set to public and not private.

3. Share Your Celebrations To Win On National Patio Day

There will be a number of prizes given away to those who share their National Patio Day celebrations with us via social media on Saturday 5 December 2020.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

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More Information

For more information, or to register visit nationalpatioday.com.au or call 1300 65 65 85 to receive your free National Patio Day host kit.  

With your help, we’re getting closer to a cancer-free future every minute, every hour, every day.

*Terms & Conditions