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Shed Shock #8 Awkward Spaces

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Before your partner finds out!

You realise that you have bought too many toys and you have no place to keep them safe, but ... your yard is an awkward shape and standard sheds just aren’t right. You need a bespoke solution ...


Stratco knows what it means to be individual. We’re all the same, but different. That’s why we can discuss the personality of your space and come up with a custom design. We can make that shed and, if you like, install it too. Take a moment to check out the Stratco Sheds website at stratco.com.au and drill down through our shed categories to mix and match ideas. Then give us a call on 1300 165 165 to tell us your ideas. You can also visit our blog from the website and see all the lifestyle ideas our customers have for best using your space, from gardening to cooking and working.

Things to think about:

  • Group smaller sheds in different locations
  • Compare ideas on the Stratco blog
  • Offset different-sized sheds for a new perspective
  • Open-sided options for entertaining
  • Screens for invisibility
  • A steel flooring system instead of a slab for no footprint
  • Sketch it out and call Stratco on 1300 165 165 for help


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