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Shed Shock #4 Childs Play

Shed Shock 4 Childs Play.gif


Time to stop working on your back swing and start fixing the shed

You’ve discovered the kids have been using the old shed for target practice. Or your golf swing still needs plenty of work ... all those dents!


Garden sheds by Stratco are built tough with strong Smart Span cladding profile for extra strength, and garage sheds offer you the freedom to choose your own cladding gauge, enough to stand up to summers of punishing one-day cricket match- es. Let’s face it, the kids aren’t going to get any smaller! From garden sheds for courtyards to sheds tailored for moderately sized yards, such as the space-saving Stubbie, gabled sheds and even Stratco’s range of farm and industrial-strength sheds, there is something for everybody.

Things to think about:

  • Heavy gauge Smart Span claddings
  • Security mesh for windows
  • Architectural screening shields
  • Trellis structural mesh for climbing plants
  • Timber lattice or bamboo panels as a shield feature
  • Merbau perimeter posts and rails for espalier plantings
  • Treated pine boxed barriers for plantings
  • Recycled brick of wall-block feature barriers


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