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Step Up Your Space: Elevate with HARDAZ Steel Stringers

You’ve just finished admiring the retaining wall that beautifully segments your backyard into a multi-tiered landscape. It looks great, but then hits you—the daunting realisation that accessing the upper tier or deck isn't as straightforward as you thought. But don’t worry, Trio is here to streamline this challenge with our easy-to-install HARDAZ Steel Stringers.

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Designed to meet stringent Australian standards, the HARDAZ range is your go-to solution whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast. What makes HARDAZ stand out? Beyond the ease of installation, these stringers are constructed to withstand the harsh Australian elements thanks to their robust hot-dip galvanised finish. This protective layer ensures your staircases endure over time without succumbing to rust or wear.

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Buy Trio HARDAZ Stringers

Selecting the right stringer is straightforward. Once you measure the height to your deck, retaining wall, or external doorway, choose from our 2, 3, 4, or 5 thread/step stringer options. Assemble them with the additional components you picked up (perhaps from a reliable retailer like Stratco) and before you know it, you’re looking at a sturdy, well-angled staircase with a comfortable 175mm rise, and a 250mm tread depth.

Picture03 steps with beachview.jpg

Fast forward to you admiring the new stairs you’ve just installed. Not only do they enhance access to your yard’s upper level, but they also stand as a testament to your handiwork, facilitated by HARDAZ’s reliability. Seeing your new staircase in place, you'll feel a deep sense of accomplishment—it's not just a functional upgrade, but also a personal achievement that makes your home more accessible and inviting.

If you're interested in creating your dream outdoor living space using HARDAZ products, feel free to request a free quote or visit your local store for more information.

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