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The Importance Of Installing a Quality Gate With Correct Hardware

the importance of installing a quality gate with correct hardware feature

Gates come in many different materials in all shapes and sizes. There are residential gates (homes, pools, gardens), commercial gates (schools, childcare centres, playgrounds, resorts), industrial gates (factory complexes, manufacturing plants, airports), farm/rural gates, etc. Basic gate design is traditionally comprised of three parts: the frame, the infills (pickets or perforated/stamped/solid panels of many materials), and the gate hardware (latches, hinges, gate stops, gate handles, drop rods).

The performance or reliable operation of any gate is only as good as the hardware used to mount, close, and latch it, meaning the suitability and effectiveness of the gate hinges, gate latches, drop-bolts, gate stops, gate handles, and other accessories installed. Just as there is a gate for each purpose, location, and liking, there is a gate latch, hinge, and accessory to suit each material and application.

Gate Materials

Steel gates are strong, but if not sufficiently protected by galvanising, powder coating, and other finishes they will ultimately rust. Stratco's Colorbond and Good Neighbour® Gates are appropriately protected for longevity and reliability.

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Aluminium gates have high corrosion resistance and low weight and are often welded or assembled with screws, rivets, and other fasteners. They are mostly powder coated in various colours for outer protection.

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Timber gates are often large, and can have welded metal frames to ensure structural integrity over their lifetime. Wood panels or infills are then affixed to the frame to provide a mostly "wood look"

Vinyl or PVC gates are easy to clean, resistant to weathering and low maintenance. Recently, the addition of stabilisers has proven to advance the durability and UV protection of vinyl. They come in many different colours, which are integrated during the extrusion process, so they never require painting, sealing, or coating.

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Chain link also known as 'chain wire', 'chain mesh', and 'wire mesh' gates, are used for a variety of domestic, commercial, and industrial applications, notably as tennis court fencing, factory/building enclosures, schools, sporting enclosures, playgrounds, airports, animal enclosures, and temporary fencing.

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Glass gates are the modern solution for an uncluttered style around swimming pools, homes, and apartments. They are often preferred around pool areas because they offer a more open, visual appeal. Glass gates are inherently heavy, and so require specialised gate hardware, and installation techniques, to ensure their reliability.

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Pool & Child Safety Gates are made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminium, mesh, and frameless or semi-frameless glass. These gates are typically installed around swimming pools, homes, childcare centres, playgrounds, creches, kindergartens, schools, hotels, and resorts or wherever child safety is critical. Faulty or inadequate pool gates can be a cause of unauthorised entry to pool areas by toddlers so, it is recommended to carry out regular maintenance on pool and child safety gates. In Australia and New Zealand, there are strict compliance rules for fences pool gates, and gate hardware.

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The solution to many gate hardware issues.

The modern-day solution to trouble-free gate hardware lies in the use of industrial-grade polymers. When the polymer is engineered to contain additives like glass fibre, UV, and temperature inhibitors, they provide excellent materials to construct gate hinges and latches. However, not all polymers are created equal. Gate hardware products that use "virgin" material (no previous use or regrind) are stronger and more durable than reused recycled materials.

D&D Technologies invented the use of virgin polymer and stainless steel in the design of their gate hardware in the early 1990s, primarily to overcome the typical problems associated with traditional metal gate hinges - rusting, binding, sagging, staining, and deforming. D&D Technologies is constantly improving its polymer range which includes the famous Magnalatch®, TruClose®, and Lokklatch® locks, latches, and hinges. For over 30 years, D&D Technologies has manufactured its polymer and stainless-steel products in Australia and exported them around the world. They have won many design awards for their innovations, developing trusted, gate-closing systems that are quality tested and backed by a guarantee to always perform to their intended use.

See the D&D Technologies range of gate hardware for use with your new or existing gate. If you have any questions, you can head into your local Stratco store or give us a call on 1300 165 165. Our friendly team is happy to assist you with any fencing related queries.