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Poly Thin Tank 1,000L



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About this product

Designed to be non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing, these very slim, 260mm wide poly tanks can be configured in any quantity to achieve your desired water storage capacity.
  • 10 year warranty
  • Designed to exceed Australian Standards
  • Manufactured from food grade polymer
  • Solid one piece construction
  • UV-stabilised for long life
  • Dimensions: height 1850mm / 2400mm / Width 260mm
  • Inlet Height: 1850mm

Innovative, Thin Poly Tanks

High quality polymer water tanks with a very thin profile

Featuring a very thin profile that is ideal for sitting flush against building walls. The innovative thin poly tank is designed to maximise the use of limited space. They can be configured in any quantity to achieve your desired water storage capacity. Thin Poly Tanks are easy to position in any location including alongside fences and walls. They can also be used as a landscaping item to form an internal courtyard or a backyard screen.

This very durable, water tank is designed for suburban use and comes in a wide range of colours to choose from. Formed in one piece from high quality, UV stabilised rotational molded polyethylene. These tanks are designed for above-ground installations on a solid, flat base.

Available Colours


Tanks must be installed on a smooth, solid, level surface. Either a concrete slab of approximately 100mm larger than the tank or a boxed and compacted sand base that is at least 300mm larger than the tank.

Ensure that the tank overflow is plumbed into the storm water system or piped away from the tank to prevent it washing away the base material.

Pipes connected to the tank must not rely on the tank for support. Flexible hose must be used to connect any rigid pipe work to the tank outlet.

Quality Rainwater Tanks

Manufactured from food grade polyethylene that is UV stabilised for a long usable life. The tank is formed in one piece from rotomoulded plastic that forms a thick wall. It will not corrode and has excellent impact resistance. This advanced manufacturing method delivers one of the strongest, cleanest and most durable water tanks available.

Water Tank Features

  • Thin design to make use of limited space
  • UV stabilised for a long life
  • 10 year warranty
  • Superior strength by design
  • Solid one piece construction
  • Manufactured from food grade polymer
  • Designed to exceed Australian standards
  • Maximum quality, maximum strength

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