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Capping & Valleys

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Roofing Accessories

Stratco has a range of Roofing Accessories that not only add the finishing touch to your roofing, but are an integral part of the structure. 


Cappings offer a tidy finish to your roofing by completing the edges. It is a vital part that when done correctly prevents water and wind from getting underneath the roofing sheets. 

Barge Capping 

Complete the edge of your roofing with quality Stratco Barge Capping. Square Barge Capping provides a neat finish and can be ordered in a range of sizes. Roll Barge Capping has an attractive curved edge that blends corrugated roofing. 

Ridge Capping

Add the finishing touch to your roofing with Stratco Ridge Capping. Ornate Roll Type Ridge Cap is the perfect compliment to corrugated roofing. Plus, the simple 3 Bend Ridge Cap offers simple, understated lines. This style of capping can be ordered to suit your exact requirements. 


Roof valleys collect water from the point at which two roof slopes meet, directing it away from the roof and into the gutter.

Stratco Valley Gutter is manufactured to a length that will suit your requirements. Choose from a range of sizes and thicknesses available in un-painted zinc/al and a full range of roofing colours.

For all your capping & valley needs, contact us today.