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S Gutter



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About this product

Stratco S Gutter has a colonial style that is reflected in the gentle curves of its profile. It is ideal for period restorations and modern homes with a traditional feel. It features a 90mm high front to hide the roofline and is available with slots.

For trade and project quantity discounts:

Colonial Styled Guttering

With an ornate profile for homes with traditional style

Designed for traditional homes and period restorations, Stratco S Gutter features an ornate profile that is available with slots in the front to allow excess water to overflow.

Choose from a large range of pre-painted steel colours or un-painted zinc/al. Complete your project with a range of S Gutter accessories including brackets, mitres and stop ends.

Available Colours

Gutter Accessories

Gutters Guttering Gutter S Accessory Mitres

Internal and External Mitres

Gutter mitres manufactured from the same gutter profile can be supplied, ready to use on site. These mitres provide a continuous line around the corners and can be made to any angle required to suit the design of the building.

Gutters Guttering Gutter S Accessory Stop End

Stop End

Individual stop ends can be supplied in left and right hand ready for on site installation.

Gutters Guttering Gutter S Accessory Bracket Metal Fix

Metal Fix Bracket

Metal fix brackets hold the face of the gutter into position. They are not visible on the gutter face.

Gutters Guttering Gutter S Accessory Bracket Timber Fix

Timber Fix Bracket

Timber fix clips are used on timber fascia, a simple solution for replacing existing gutter on a building.

Note: Availability is state specific, please check prior to ordering.


Tensile (MPa) BMT (mm) Type Capacity (mm²) Total Cross Section
Area (mm²)
G550 0.35 Standard 5315 6358
Slotted 4609 5622

Note: Calculation of the effective cross sectional area ‘Capacity’ is based on the requirements of section 3.8 AS/NZS 2179.1:1994.


Gutters Guttering Gutter S Profile

Gutters Guttering Gutter S Profile 2
Dimensions (mm)
A 62
B 117
C 90



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