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Flue Caps


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Flue Caps can prevent birds, water and smoky smells from entering the building through the chimney. Smoky smells are prevented by keeping rain from coming down the smokestack. Galvanised, zinc/al and a full range of roofing colours are available. Whether you want to install it yourself or require assistance, we are here to help. Contact us for pricing and further details today.

Stratco Flue Caps

Keep your chimney clear and smoke out of the building

Available in a selection of sizes, and a large range of colours, including zinc/al and galvanised finishes. Stratco Flue Caps can prevent birds and water from entering the smokestack. By keeping rain and water from entering the chimney and mixing with the creosote inside the flue, Stratco Flue Caps avert smokey smells from entering the building.

Available Colours:

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Standard Sizes

Standard Sizes (mm)
Type Diameter Length
Flue Caps 150 -
200 -
225 -
300 -
Casing Only 150 600
150 900
150 1200
150 1800
Cap Lengths
with Cap
150* 450*
150 600
150* 600*
150 900
150 1200
Flume Adaptor
150 -
200 -
225 -
300 -

*With base, nominal pitch.

Roofing Accessories Flue Cap Design 02

Flue Cap

Roofing Accessories Flue Cap Design 01

Cap Lengths and Casing

Roofing Accessories Flue Cap Design 03

Cap Lengths with Cap and Base

Roofing Accessories Flue Cap Design 04

Flume Adaptor (Spun)

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