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Louvre Gable Vents


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Louvered Gable Vents from Stratco improve ventilation and add the finishing architectural touch. Choose from circular, half round, triangular, square and rectangular designs. Stratco Louvre Vents are available in a range of sizes and colours. Whether you want to install it yourself or require assistance, we are here to help. Contact us for pricing and further details today.

Louvre Gable Vents

Add ventilation with a range of classic louver vents from Stratco

For improved ventilation, add the finishing touch with Louvred Gable Vents from Stratco. Five classic designs of circular, half round, triangular, square and rectangular are available in a range of sizes and colours. The standard depth is 50mm. If a specific depth is required, this can be requested when ordering. Insect screens that fit on the back are also available by request. Check with your local Stratco for availability.

 For Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia markets, a range of Stratflo Louvres that are capable of withstanding cyclonic conditions are available.

Available Colours:

Brochures & Installation Guides

Louvre Vent Designs

Roofing Accessories Louvre Vents Circular


Roofing Accessories Louvre Vents Half Round

Half Round

Roofing Accessories Louvre Vents Triangle


Roofing Accessories Louvre Vents Square


Roofing Accessories Louvre Vents Rectangular


Standard Sizes

Standard Sizes (mm)
Type Length Height
Circular 300 diameter -
380 diameter -
450 diameter -
600 diameter -
Half Round 450 225
600 300
900 450
1200 600
Triangle 450 225
600 300
900 450
1200 600
1500 750
1800 900
Square 600 600
Rectangular 1500 500

Note: Standard depth is 50mm. If a specific depth is required, please request when ordering. Other sizes available. Insect screen is available on request.

Ordering Methods

Roofing Accessories Louvre Vents Ordering 1
Roofing Accessories Louvre Vents Ordering 2
Roofing Accessories Louvre Vents Ordering 3

Calculation of m² For Louvres

Square - A x B
Rectangle - A x B
Triangle - ½ Base (A) x Height (B)
Round - 3.142 x R²

Ordering Method

a - Height x Width x Depth
b - Colour
c - Flywire (optional)
d - Trimmer: Flashing to front face (optional)

The Benefits of a Well Ventilated Building

Building insulation is not enough to prevent heat from radiating into living areas. Adequate ventilation encourages the flow of fresh air through the building and roof spaces. Excess heat and moisture can be removed naturally through strategically placed louvre vents.

Louvre vents combat mould, mildew, dry rot and damp insulation by removing the heat and moisture that leads to these problems occurring. Damp insulation is also less efficient, resulting in higher heating and energy costs during winter. Stratco Louvre vents offer a cheap, energy free way of providing adequate air circulation.

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