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StratFlo Ventridge


SKU: V-Ridge

Stratco Ventridge effectively ventilates medium to large buildings by providing air flow to the highest point of the structure; along the roof ridge. It is available in two styles; the Standard Ventridge and the Stratflo Ventridge. This style of vent can be ordered to suit your exact requirements. Whether you want to install it yourself or require assistance, we are here to help. Contact us for pricing and further details today.

Ventridge Ventilation

Effectively exhaust heat, smoke and fumes naturally, via the StratFlo Ventridge

With the StratFlo Ventridge, there is a natural and effective way to provide fresh air flow to the highest point of a buildings roof space. Designed to exhaust heat, smoke and fumes, while still providing weather protection, StratFlo Ventridge is an efficient addition to any structure.

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Stratflo Ventridge

Stratflo Ventridge provides continuous natural ventilation with effective weather protection under normal weather conditions. It takes maximum advantage of natural stack action, which is a result of temperature differences between the inside and outside of the building causing pressure variations that result in air movement. Heat from machinery, personnel, and also solar heat radiating through the roof and walls, warm the inside air which rises and flows out of the building through the ventridge.


Roofing Accessories Stratflo Ventridge Ridge Diagram

Throat (mm) A Height (mm) B Width (mm) C Mass/Unit Length of Ridge Ventilators (kg/m)
150 230 390 8
225 325 575 12
300 425 760 16
380 520 960 18
450 605 1130 25
600 810 1510 31
750 1010 1885 52
900 1210 2260 62

Optimum length is 4600mm and maximum recommended length is 7600mm.

Material Specifications

Material Specifications
Component Base Metal Thickness (mm) Mass/Unit Length of Ridge Ventilators (kg/m)
Brackets 2.0 G300 Z275
3.0 G300 Z275
Stack Cap, Stack, Flashing and Shroud 0.55 G300 Z275


The Stratflo Ventridge has been designed and tested in accordance with the appropriate Australian Standards.


Ventridge can be fitted to almost any part of the roof, providing the roof supports are installed at the recommended spacings (refer diagram below). The clear spacing ‘A’ between top purlins must be the ventridge throat width with a tolerance of -0mm to +40mm. Eg, for a 380mm throat ventridge the clear space must be between 380mm and 420mm.

Roofing Accessories Stratflo Ventridge Ridge Diagram 03
Roofing Accessories Stratflo Ventridge Ridge Diagram 04


Roofing Accessories Stratflo Ventridge Ridge Diagram

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