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Stratclad Walling With S-Lock



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About this product

Featuring the S-Lock system that makes joining sheets quick, neat and easy. With a wide coverage, this versatile wall cladding is ideal for a range of applications.

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Stratclad Wall Cladding

Wide profile wall cladding with the innovative S-Lock joining system.

Stratclad is a versatile wall cladding material suitable for a variety of applications. The wide coverage of 870mm saves you time and money as less sheets are required to cover the chosen area.

The innovative S-Lock system features a specialised notch in one edge of the sheet for the proceeding edge to slot into. This makes installation quick, easy and neat.

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BMT 0.35mm & 0.42mm
Tolerance L ±5mm  W ±2mm

Material Specifications

Material Specifications
Material Properties 0.35mm BMT 0.42mm BMT
Zinc/Al Colour Zinc/Al Colour
Total Coated Thickness (mm) 0.40 0.43 0.47 0.50
Mass (kg/linear metre) 2.74 2.79 3.26 3.32
Mass (kg/square metre) 3.15 3.22 3.75 3.81
Yield (square metre/tonne) 317.2 310.8 267.0 262.4
Tensile Strength (MPa) G550 G550 G550 G550

Maximum Recommended Spans For Walling (mm)

Determined by wind speeds for non-cyclonic areas

Maximum Recommended Spans for Walling (mm)
Span Type 0.35mm BMT 0.42mm BMT
N1 (W28) N2 (W33) N3 (W41) N1 (W28) N2 (W33) N3 (W41)
Single 650 550 350 800 700 500
End 750 650 500 900 800 650
Internal 750 650 500 900 800 650
Overhang 100 100 100 150 150 150

Values applicable for use with steel supports of minimum 0.75mm thickness, G550.

Note: For Stratclad design parameters and span definitions, please refer to the Engineering notes at the beginning of the Roofing and Walling section.

For Region C and D fixings refer to ‘Cyclonic Cladding’ within the roofing and walling ‘Cladding’ section of the Stratco website.

Note: The following recommendations apply to non-cyclonic areas.

  • All fasteners must have neoprene washers to prevent water penetration.
  • Side lap fixing is recommended at no greater than 300mm centres for external applications. For internal applications where support spacings exceed 1000mm it is recommended side laps are fastened mid-span. 
  • Use either 8x12mm self drill stitching screws (with seal) or 3.2mm sealed blind rivets.
  • If fixing over an insulation blanket the next standard screw length to that indicated may be required with minimum 25mm timber embedment to be maintained.

Wall Laying Procedure

Prevailing Wind →

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Fastener Selection

Fixing to Steel

10 x 16mm self drilling and tapping screw with neoprene washer


Fixing to Timber

10 x 25mm type 17 hex head screw with neoprene washer


Fastener Positions

Walling Fastener Location


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