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Garage Door Motors


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Stratco garage door motors can be fitted to most popular brands of sectional overhead and tilt doors. Reliable, secure and very quiet garage door motors with the latest features and styling. Whether you want to install them yourself or require assistance, we are here to help. Contact us for pricing and further details today.

Garage Door Motors

Stratco Garage Doors Motors feature affordable style and security:

  • Super quiet
  • Latest styling
  • Easy to install and service
  • Rolling code transmitter
  • Convenient hand set design
  • Optional photo eye protection
  • Soft start and soft finish
  • Made from latest composite materials
  • Approved to the latest world wide standard
  • Doors can be stopped at any position

Brochures & Installation Guides

SDO 800 MotorSDO 800 Garage Door Motor

The very best operator for all tilt and sectional doors. Comes with a huge range of features and optional extras. Super quiet and stylish motor built from the latest composite materials. If you have a tilt door this is the motor for you with the soft start/close function its one of the smoothest garage door openers on the market. The SDO 800 has the panel/sectional door covered too, with the C channel rail coming in a variety of different lengths up to 3 metres heigh. This motor will allow you to stop your door in any position you require. This motor comes in belt drive for even a quiter operation. The tensioning system on this motor is spring loaded to reduce noise and wear by taking up excesive slack in the drive chain/belt.

Manual Release: In the event of a power failure and you are required to put your garage door back on manual its as simple as pulling on the manual release cable. To put your garage door back on automatic pull the cable back towards the drive head of the motor. The trolley will then automatic reconnect when the motor is activated.

Warranty: Garage Door Operator SDO 800 is guaranteed to be free from defects in material for a period of 5 years for motors and 2 years for Electronics and Mechanics from date of installation.

RDO 28 MotorRDO 28 Garage Door Motor

The RDO 28 is a one-piece motor that is easy to install and is very reliable and powerful, yet still incredibly quiet. Energy efficient and simple operations define the RDO 28. With just a press of a button, you can open/close the door. The motor allows the door to stop at any position. This comes with an automatic reverse and stop function that detects door obstructions. The motor uses LED lighting that automatically turns on/off-this will remain active three minutes after the garage door opens. Made of solid aluminium structure, the motor provides a lasting solution for your garage entries.

Manual Release: The motor comes with a manual release clutch. Simply pull down the handle to operate the door manually-push the clutch lever to restore auto functions.

Warranty: The RDO 28 is guaranteed to be free from material defects. The motor has a 5-year warranty and a 2-year warranty for electronics and mechanical units. Warranty conditions apply on the date of purchase.

RDO 12 MotorRDO 12 And Remote Handsets

The RDO 12 garage door motor is a two-piece motor that has a wall mounted button and a separate motor. This operator is very reliable and powerful, and is ideal for limited side room installs or if the door is high as the control box can be mounted at a comfortable height for operation.

Made from composite materials and approved to meet Australian standards, the RDO 12 combines innovation with classy garage door design. The unit comes with an internal LED courtesy light enclosed in the control box. The courtesy light will activate when you open or close the door, the light will remain active for approximately three minutes. Unlike other roller door motors, the RDO 12 can stop at any position while the door is in open/close function. The unit includes an LED Hlight globe to provide maximum lighting. This also comes with a stylish handset that uses an A27 12-volt battery. Rolling code transmitter is available in the unit as well.

Manual Release: The drive unit includes a manual release string that allows you to open the door in case of power failure.

Warranty: The RDO 12 is guaranteed to be free from material defects. This comes with a 5-year warranty (for motors) and 2-year warranty (for electronic and mechanical units). This warranty condition applies on the date of installation.

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