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Garage Door Remote Transmitter 4 Button PTX-6 Black


SKU: HB-6304

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About this product

Each of these transmitter’s four buttons can operate a separate function or opener, allowing access to your whole home from one convenient unit. Best of all, by transmitting on three frequencies, TrioCode 128™ ensures this transmitter works every time. Featuring patented TrioCode™ 128 technology, these new remotes deliver secure and reliable home access.

  • Featuring patented Triocode™128 technology, these new remotes deliver secure and reliable home access.
  • Increasingly, the electronic interference of wireless and cordless devices jams out door and gate Garage Door Remotes. TrioCode™128 overcomes this challenge by simultaneously transmitting on three different frequencies, so even if two are jammed, the TrioCode™128 transmitter will still work
  • For added security, TrioCode™128 Garage Door Remotes use a random coding system with trillions upon trillions of random possibilities for enhanced security
  • In addition, the new TrioCode™128 Garage Door Remotes are backwards compatible with existing TrioCode™ openers (i.e. those using grey Garage Door Remotes with orange buttons)
Technical Specifications
Compatible With Sectional Door OpenersGDO-7v2 SecuraLift, GDO-7v3 SecuraLift, GDO-7v2 SecuraLift, GDO-11 Series 2 Ero, GDO-11v1 Ero, GDO-9v3 Series 2 Dynamo, GDO-9v3 Gen 2 Dynamo, GDO-9v2 Series 2 Enduro, GDO-9v2 Gen 2 Enduro, ATS-2 Tempo, ATS-3 Syncro
Compatible With Rolling Door OpenersGDO-6v3 EasyRoller, GDO-6v4 EasyRoller, GDO-8v3 ShedMaster, GDO-10v1 Toro, GDO-10v2L2 Toro, GDO-10v3 Toro, GDO-12 Hiro
Compatible With Gate OpenersNES-24v2 Neoslider, NES-24v3 Neoslider, NES-500 Neoslider, NES-800 Neoslider, DCB-05, DCB-05v2
Compatible With IndustrialAXESS 1100, AXESS 1101, AXESS 1505, AXESS 3105, AXESS 3110, AXESS 3310, AXESS 3315
Shipping Weight0.0.25kg
Shipping Width35mm
Shipping Height12mm
Shipping Length70mm

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