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Dealer Advantage

Authorised Stratco Outback Dealers

Stratco’s philosophy is to produce and market quality products and back them with qualified people who offer friendly service and advice. This philosophy extends to the independent businesses, the Stratco Outback Dealers we work with who deliver professional services to support these products and hold all appropriate licences.


Outback Dealers meet strict selection criteria and are trained to have a thorough understanding of the Stratco Outback Patio range and all associated outdoor home improvement products. This partnership has successfully provided thousands of homes with their customised outdoor areas by combining Stratco’s market leading products, supported by the Outback Dealer’s extensive building knowledge.

What happens next?

  • Stratco will arrange for a local Outback Dealer to contact you promptly.
  • You will receive a text message confirmation from Stratco with your assigned Outback Dealer and the next steps.
  • The Outback Dealer will arrange a convenient time to meet on-site to discuss your needs and assess the location.

On-Site Consultations

Outback Dealer considerations

Outback Dealers provide free, no-obligation in-home consultations. Your Stratco Outback is custom designed and made to your exact requirements. Considerations include:

  • Best style and design to enhance your built environs
  • Best way to position and set the aspect of your patio
  • Connection to your home – including attachment method after assessing your roof design and construction
  • Assess and correctly manage stormwater catchment
  • Boundary considerations
  • Prevailing wind and weather conditions
  • General site conditions
  • Local Government Authority (LGA) requirements
  • Product specification most appropriate to environmental conditions
  • Best solution to meet your budget
  • Deliver outstanding value

What to expect from your dealer

The quoting procedure is thorough and detailed, including full plans of your new patio. On some occasions, the Outback Dealer will be able to provide the solution and price on the spot.

For more complex designs, please allow approximately 5 working days to complete your proposal and plans, this provides Stratco time to design and consult with the Outback Dealer on your specific circumstances.

The Outback Dealer can provide you with additional outdoor living features such as Ambient Outdoor Blinds and various heating, cooling and lighting options.

Stratco and your Outback Dealer will work with you right the way through to ensure your new Outback Patio meets all your family’s needs.

Outback Dealers are patio experts

  • Specialists in their field
  • Trained and fully qualified
  • Have the necessary licences and insurances
  • Design specialists who work with you to create your individual custom design
  • Attend regular training sessions to ensure they are abreast of market trends, product innovations and solutions.
  • Have an extensive knowledge of building permits required

The investment for your new outdoor living area

The investment required for your new patio will be influenced by a variety of factors, many of which can only be determined after an on-site assessment. These include, material specifications, sizes, design types, site considerations, existing house attachment, soil types, removal of any existing structures, rubbish removal, LGA requirements and approvals etc.

Approvals and engineering

Your Authorised Stratco Outback Dealer will co-ordinate all necessary approvals from Local Government Authorities (LGA’s).

To speed up the approval process, Stratco has pre-engineered a huge number of standard Outback designs that have been tested and certified. Some special designs may need job specific engineering. Stratco and your Outback Dealer will arrange the engineering for you. This will ensure your design meets structural integrity guidelines.

The time it takes for Council and other statutory authority approvals can vary substantially, the dealer may be able to speed up the process by obtaining private certification. Please feel free to ask if this is an option for your project.

Delivery of your Stratco Outback patio

Prior to construction, your Outback Dealer will complete a final check measure to ensure the accuracy of material measurements.

They understand the delivery process and the necessary allowances to ensure your Stratco Outback Patio is delivered to your home safely. If necessary, they will inform Stratco regarding any special delivery requirements.

The installation

Your Outback Dealer will install your new patio professionally, ensuring it complies with all regulations and installed in accordance with Stratco’s engineering and installation specifications.

The builder will ensure the site is left clean and tidy to your satisfaction.

Before handing over your new outdoor living space for you to enjoy, the Outback Dealer will complete all the necessary finishing touches, including a final clean down of your new Stratco Outback.

To ensure you get the most out of your investment, the Outback Dealer will provide a maintenance guide for your future reference.

Stratco proudly offer a trusted

25 Year Structural Warranty
8 Year Paint Finish Warranty

On all Stratco Outback® verandah patios

1 Year Installation Warranty

When installed by an Authorised Dealer in accordance with Stratco’s installation instructions.


Organise a free, no obligation in home measure and quote today!