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Force 10


Force 10

Stratco Force-10 is an Australian manufactured, steel-framed, engineered building system in kit form.

The Force-10 system is selected for its inherent suitability for any project as a faster method of construction, value for money and its environmental sustainability. The Force-10 system includes off site manufacture in the factory and/or on site fabrication and construction systems.

The Force-10 Engineered Building System is a unique pre-fabricated system that has been patented worldwide and is exported all over the world for the construction of housing, resorts, hospitals, multiple dwelling units, schools and virtually any project. It provides efficiency, strength, durability, value for money and speed of construction.

About this product

  • Suitable for all high wind areas
  • Strength of steel and structural insulated wall panels
  • Durable using steel and fibre cement sheeting
  • Minimum components for maximum economy
  • Ease and speed of assembly
  • Comprehensive floor, wall and roof system with all fixings and components
  • Ease and economy of shipment
  • Maximum strength, durability and style
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Green Environmental focus
  • Maximum insulation benefits
  • Innovative and precision engineering
  • Stability of foundations
  • Simplicity of connections
  • Cyclone resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Vermin and termite resistant

The Force-10 Engineered Building System, Suitable For Your Project

A System Built By Experience

Force-10 has been involved in building projects since 1988 and has built in excess of 4,000 building units in over 40 countries. We have successfully constructed many buildings for various corporate and private clients including Government agencies. We strictly adhere to specification requirements and comply with contractual conditions. Force-10 International Pty Ltd holds ISO9001 Quality Management and AS4024 OH&S certification.

The Force-10 Engineered Building System is a breakthrough in innovative construction and has been designed to use a minimum number of modular components. Primarily of light-weight galvanised and galvanised or zinc coated steel, the floor wall and roof systems are totally integrated and all components lock together easily and smoothly. A complete house of approximately 75 square metres can be packed into a 20’ container and shipped anywhere in Australia or the world with ease. Regardless of size, a Force-10 building can be erected quickly, efficiently and economically, by trained workers, with limited supervision.

Types of Construction

Force-10 buildings are suitable for the following applications:

  • Affordable housing
  • Residential housing
  • Luxury housing
  • Modular accommodation & facility buildings for mining camps
  • Remote area housing
  • Commercial offices
  • Medical centres
  • Eco villages
  • Retirement villages
  • Resort accommodation
  • Schools and classrooms.


Force-10 can be erected in half the time of a conventional build project. It is easy to install like a giant meccano set. The floor, wall and roof system is integrated and all components lock together easily and smoothly for maximum strength and longevity.


Force-10 has been designed to withstand 300km/h winds and is ideal for cyclonic areas. It is also built to survive earthquakes, is totally termite resistant and can be secured to the highest fire danger level of Bushfire Attack Level FZ (Fire Zone).


All components (floor, wall and roof) of the Force-10 building system are fully insulated which makes it cool in Summer, warm in Winter and wonderfully quiet all year round. Energy rating of up to 91/2 stars.


Force-10 comes with a ten year Guarantee.

Force-10 offers design flexibility with all of our plans. Our flat pack system will save on transport costs. The system is suitable for local and international locations.

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