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Gates come in many different materials in all shapes and sizes. There are residential gates (homes, pools, gardens), commercial gates (schools, childcare centres, playgrounds, resorts), industrial

Holman’s GreenWall Vertical Garden range has given homeowners the ability to create their own living GreenWall anywhere on their property. You can do it yourself or get the whole family involved for

Hello, deck enthusiasts! As the chilly winter weather subsides and the warmer weather takes centre stage, it's the perfect time to give your outdoor deck a bit of attention. After enduring the

Welcome to the September garden notes. It's officially spring, and while we are still going to experience some cold and damp weather, there has been a noticeable shift in the climate. We've enjoyed

There’s nothing quite as special as a father-and-son project! Adrian Fowler and his dad recently teamed up for a gorgeous build at his property in Queensland, featuring a custom 10x5m Stratco Gable

As summer approaches, it's time to prepare your outdoor entertainment area. Enhance your space with the Holman GreenWall range, offering a visually appealing design that will captivate attention. Not

Vertical gardens have gained popularity as a striking and sustainable way to bring nature into people’s homes and properties in an unconventional, modern way. These living artworks not only enhance

In a world where environmental concerns and conservation are at the forefront of our minds, sustainable practices have become a priority for many homeowners. Rainwater harvesting is an excellent way

When it comes to protecting our homes from potential water damage, few devices are as crucial as a sump pump. Whether you live in an area prone to heavy rainfall, have a basement, or simply want to

Welcome to the August garden notes. The weather we've had in the past week is definitely a sign that spring is on the way. While we can still expect to have some cold nights and days over the next

When it comes to pool fencing, people are generally looking to tick three boxes – Safety, durability and aesthetics. Typically, the majority opt for either glass fencing or tubular aluminium fencing,

Stratco is committed to research and continuous innovation to maintain our position as the patio and patio accessories market leader in Australia. We’re always attuning ourselves to the needs and