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Together, we have raised $498,912.70 and we could not be prouder of the support from the Stratco community.

One of the things you can do to help your garden cope in winter is to regularly apply a seaweed-based product as a foliar spray. These products not only help plants in hot weather, but they really help against stress produced by very cold conditions too however don’t forget to treat indoor plants to

Amy Bartsch started motocross riding at the very young age of 4. She decided to take it to the next level and started competing in motocross bike races when she turned 5. Take a look at her Stratco motorbike shed.

Megan Jones, pictured above, is an Equestrian eventer for Australia and owner of Hallmark Farm. Her, and her husband James Deacon live on their property in Woodside, located in the Adelaide Hills which is also where their horse shed is situated. Hallmark Farm is the new home for Megan Jones’ event

Welcome to our 2021 June Garden Notes. We’ve had some nice rain in the last week; however, the subsoil is still dry so keep an eye out for plants that may be drying out. The soil is also getting

Mike was seeking a shed that could fit his prized possessions, Ferrari classics, and protect them from all of outside’s elements. With a love of motorsport, he has surrounded himself with rally cars for over 40 years restoring them to pristine condition.

With a variety of stylish and practical outdoor fire pits available, Stratco has the solution for keeping you warm outside this winter. A portable fire pit could be the perfect addition to your outdoor entertaining area.

Welcome to the May Garden Club notes. Firstly we would like to wish all the Mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. Our best wishes to you all and we hope you have a lovely day with family and friends.

Both steel and timber frames have their advantages and disadvantages as structural framing materials. Cost, sustainability, longevity and flexibility should all be taken into account when making your decision.

Autumn is probably our favourite time of year in the garden. The really hot days are gone and so are most of the destructive gully winds, leaving us with cool nights followed by mild sunny days. Thus, the perfect time of the year for establishing new plantings in your gardens.

Wade and partner Maddie were looking for an outdoor entertaining solution to complement their native backyard to suit all seasons. Situated in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, the couple were needing something they could incorporate a fireplace into for the cold winter nights. Wade and Maddie vi

Over 40 years later, the Stratco Good Neigbour® Fencing system is now available in 5 profiles: Superdek, Corrugated, Wavelok, Smartspan and CGI Mini with over 12 colours to choose from. The product is available online and in-store in pre-configured panels of standard height and length. We include th