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Easter Project Ideas

Easter Project Ideas

Posted on: March 22, 2016

Three Easter project ideas to get you out in the garden.

1. Build a ‘Poultry Palace’

Chooks make great pets. They take your kitchen scraps and reward you with the tastiest, freshest eggs in town. Kids love feeding them and collecting the eggs. It’s also a great learning experience for them to see eggs don’t just come from the supermarket. The extra bonus is that chicken droppings are brilliant fertiliser. What’s not to love?

Chicken coops come in all shapes and sizes to fit all budgets and they don’t have to be an eyesore. Check out our great examples.

Chook house basics:

  • Make sure your structure is secure so predators like dogs and cats can’t get in as well as vermin like mice.
  • Provide a covered are to keep your chooks out of the elements.
  • They’ll need a covered, cosy nesting box to lay their eggs.
  • To make the coop easier to clean out give yourself as much access to the inside as possible.
  • Give your hens room to roam with a big outdoor area.
  • If your kids have flown the coop, turn their old cubby house into a henhouse!
  • Check with your local council before you bring your chooks home incase they have some rules and regulations on keeping chooks. There may be limits to the number of birds or the distance from boundaries. Most councils wont allow you to keep a rooster.

2. Garden Time!

Autumn is the time to get busy fixing things. Whether its sharpening the secateurs ready for a good prune, feeding the lawn and repairing summer damage, or planting in bare spots. Here’s some gardening basics to get you out in the garden this Easter.

Mass plant bulbs for a floral spectacular in Spring. One of the best is the daffodil. Plant pointy end up in a well-draining spot in full sun or part shade. It pays to dig the soil well beforehand, working in a little blood and bone.

Fertilise your lawn. A sad looking lawn could simply be hungry. After all, a lot of energy goes into growing those lush blades, which are then regularly cut off and thrown away. Apply an organic fertiliser now and water in with eco-seaweed to stimulate activity. Avoid artificial fertilisers as they’re usually to high in nitrogen and this imbalance can cause fungal problems.

Get composting. Rather than filing you bin with kitchen scraps and garden clippings, recycle them into a valuable resource: compost. Compost provides nutrients, boost soils water-holding capacity and does wonder for improving both clay and sandy soils.

Spruce up your tools. Use oil and a metal scouring pad on hand tools such as secateurs, shovels, gardening forks, hedging shears and more. Leave a light oil coating for future protection.

Create a mini kitchen garden on your patio or verandah in a half wine barrel. All you’ll need is 4 bags of potting mix, a bag of compost and seeds or seedlings.

For all your gardening supplies, make sure to check out the gardening range at Stratco 

3. Discover Your Backyard This Easter

We here at Stratco love the great outdoors and being able to enjoy our backyards with family and friends and Easter is the perfect time to do just that. We have put together some entertaining ideas to ensure that your Easter is both fun and easy so you can sit back and enjoy.

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

There’s nothing better than an Easter Egg Hunt in your own backyard and we’re sure both adults and children love to get involved, so we’ve put together some brilliant ideas for creating an egg hunt this Easter weekend for when your guests come over.

1. Use different coloured eggs for each person

Colour code the eggs you hide and give each person a different colour to hunt for. This will ensure that no one misses out and the kids can help each other find their eggs.

2. Create a map

Keep things interesting by drawing a map for everyone to use to find their eggs. You can even get creative by leaving extra clues at different areas around your back yard. The kids will love being sent on a treasure hunt and it will be sure to keep them busy.

Keep it Simple

Your Easter entertaining doesn’t have to demand anything elaborate. Your guests will be happy with simple food, good company and a pleasant outdoor setting.

To brighten up your outdoor area, add a few cushions and a fun table centre piece… some scattered chocolate easter eggs and some greenery from your very own backyard will work a treat. Setting up tables in different areas of your backyard is great way to get your guests to meander. Having a refreshments table can also work really well.

It is without a doubt that any outdoor entertaining is going to include a BBQ and we have just the recipe for you to try this long weekend. Serve with roast potatoes and a fresh garden salad and your guests are sure to be back for more.

Make sure to check out the range at Stratco for all the appropriate tools and supplies to help you with whatever your project may be.