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Good Neighbour® By Stratco & COLORBOND® Fencing


The iconic Stratco Good Neighbour® Fence. Engineered, designed and manufactured by Stratco since 1979.

Stratco Good Neighbour® Fencing History

In 1979, the stylish Stratco Good Neighbour® Fence launched in Australia. The name Good Neighbour® stemmed from the fence having ‘2 good sides’ with no unsightly post and rails with clean & uncluttered lines that were to be enjoyed by neighbours on both sides of the fence. The iconic 'cold war' Stratco TV advertisement launching the product in the 1980s described the relationships between neighbours as 'delicate', and at the time Post & Rail Fencing was the only option. While an effective fencing system, Post & Rail features a clean side where only the profile of the steel sheeting can be seen, and on the other side the post and rails are exposed. This created and can still create a difficult divide between neighbours. 

Before the Stratco Good Neighbour® Fencing system, there had to be a loser and a winner, a good side and a bad side.  Good Neighbour® Fencing has prevented many disputes and disagreements over the years, providing the perfect win-win solution for neighbours throughout Australia.

Stratco Good Neigbour® Fencing was launched in Zinc/Al, galvanised steel, Weathered Copper and Bronze Olive using Superdek sheets made from COLORBOND® steel with a galvanised frame. The iconic Good Neighbour® television advertisement above launched the innovative new fence design into the market and Good Neighbour® Fencing quickly became the preferred option for neighbours around Australia.

This was the most efficient system on the market at the time, making it a neighbourhood favourite for consumers. Unlike other fencing systems, Stratco Good Neighbour® was easy to DIY and panels could be easily replaced if damage occurred.

From Then To Now 

Over 40 years later, the Stratco Good Neigbour® Fencing system is now available in 5 profiles: Superdek, Corrugated, Wavelok, Smartspan and CGI Mini with over 12 colours to choose from. The product is available online and in-store in pre-configured panels of standard height and length. We include the posts and tracks which are all made from 100% COLORBOND® fence steel, plus the required screws and rivets are also supplied. In addition to standard Good Neighbour® options, we can custom manufacture unique lengths and heights to suit any unique requirements. Evolving year by year, Stratco Good Neighbour® Fencing now features high-quality zinc/aluminium and magnesium coated, pre-painted steel sheets that are strong and durable, engineered for Australia.

Good Neighbour® Fencing has become an integral part of the Australian home with seamless style and quality.

Do It Yourself or Installation

Good Neighbour® Fencing is simple to install and the perfect do-it-yourself project for the weekend. All of the installation advice, tools and accessories needed can be found below. Alternatively, we would be happy to arrange a free measure and quote from one of our Authorised Fencing Installers.

Estimating Your Job

The Stratco Good Neighbour® Fence Panels are 2350mm wide and either 1800mm or 2100mm as a standard height. Based on your requirements, the Stratco team will calculate what you need by dividing the total meterage by the panel width. For example, if you are after 10m of fencing divide this by 2.350 to calculate how many panels you need (10/2.350 = 4.25). Each panel includes posts and tracks which are all made from 100% COLORBOND® fence steel, plus the required screws and pop rivets are also supplied so you have everything you could need to complete the job. 

Stratco Good Neighbour® Fencing Accessories

We also offer accessories for Stratco Good Neighbour® Fencing including:

  • Screen Top Slats - an easy and effective solution to increasing fence height for both existing and new fences. Made with the highest quality Australian powder-coat with a 10 warranty finish. (Slats only, sides sold separately)
  • Oscillot Cat Proof Paddle Kit - the ideal D.I.Y cat containment system for existing fences, colour compatible with Stratco Fencing and unobtrusive blending into your yard.
  • Lattice Screen Top - the UV treated plastic lattice is a 300mm extension suited for your new or existing Good Neighbour® Fence. It comes in a range of colours and is an attractive and durable way to add privacy and security while allowing light to filter through. Contact your local store for stock availability.
  • Gates - available as a single and double gate in all Good Neighbour® Fence profiles to suit your backyard. Contact your local store to arrange a quote. 

Shop online, visit us in-store or click 'here' for an obligation free quote. 

Alternative Fencing Options

While Stratco Good Neighbour® Fencing is one of Stratco’s key fencing ranges, and we have a market-leading range of colours and profiles, there are a number of alternative fencing systems in stock including:

Stratco also has an extensive range of decorative screening products. No matter your tastes or requirements, you’ll find everything you need in-store or online. And, our friendly team members can provide you with all of the advice and instructional videos to help you put in your fence as a DIY product, or we can help arrange a contractor to do the job for you. 

Come in and see us, book an appointment, or contact us now and we will be happy to provide you with an overview of the Stratco range and a free quote on a fencing project that creates the perfect home sanctuary for you and your family.

COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. ABN 16 000 011 058.