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Steel Fence Posts & Rails

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Fencing & Screening

We have a variety of Fencing and Screening options available. There is Stratco Good Neighbour® Fencing, which is strong, attractive and easy to build. There is also our innovative, low maintenance, aluminium Slat Screening systems, our Tubular Fencing styles, Decorative ScreeningGlass FencingPost and Rail FencingFence Sheeting and Cyclonic Fencing. The range is evidently endless.

Posts, Tracks and Rails

Posts, tracks and rails are an integral part of Post & Rail Fencing.  Posts are the backbone of the fence and provide it with the stability it needs.  Tracks smoothen the top of the fence and leave no sharp edges exposed, also adding to the fences visual appeal. Rails run horizontally from one end of the fence to the other to connect various components of the fence.


Apart from the posts, tracks and rails, there are other accessories that go into making a Post & Rail Fence.  These include the joiner, saddle, post cap and post extension (should you wish for extra privacy after having your fence for some time).  Accessories for the Fence Gate include the pad bolt, gate latch, striker plate, drop bolt and butt hinge.  Many elements go into making our Post & Rail Fences as sturdy and hard wearing as possible, to last you for years to come.

For all your Post, Track, Rail and Accessory needs, contact us today.