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Premium Perforated Fencing: Revolutionising Pool Fencing


When it comes to pool fencing, people are generally looking to tick three boxes – Safety, durability and aesthetics. Typically, the majority opt for either glass fencing or tubular aluminium fencing, however, the pool fencing industry has recently been shaken up by a new design sensation known as Premium Perf fencing. This stylish fencing option features perforated aluminium fencing sheets that take structural integrity to a new level, whilst delivering a distinct, creative flair that is bound to look good in any yard! Let’s look at how it weighs up against the other alternatives on the market. 

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Perforated aluminium fence panels are durable & low maintenance 

The perforated aluminium panels boast exceptional durability as they are incredibly corrosion-resistant, thanks to their marine-grade aluminium properties. This means that the perforated metal sheets can withstand the harshest of marine-related elements, whether it be ferocious winds, pelting rain, or rough contact. 

A common issue that glass pool fence owners run into is the higher levels of maintenance - Specks of dirt and smudges tend to show up all too well on this type of pool fencing. With Premium Perf, the black colourway makes it incredibly difficult to spot any imperfections, creating a more visually pleasing finish without the need for constant maintenance. If you’re a busy bee and struggle to find the time to perform maintenance in other areas of your yard, then this hassle-free option is perfect for you! 

Superior quality with uninterrupted views 

Premium Perf is available in two stunning designs. You can select from a fully perforated aluminium sheet, or opt for a gorgeous palm pattered design, adding aesthetics and privacy at the same time! Patterned designs are great for those wanting to add a little more flair to their outdoor oasis, whilst the traditional design is a fantastic option for properties with incredible views. If you’re stuck between the two, you can mix and match both designs, creating a fusion that’s unique to your property. 

The carefully punched 9mm diameter holes allow for clear visibility to ensure your vista isn’t compromised at all! The best part? Our perforated screens are height and width adjustable, meaning we can cut them to meet your exact requirements. 

Meets Australian pool fencing regulations 

When installing a pool fence, the last thing you want to do is compromise safety and/or encounter legal consequences. The Australian Pool Safety Standard AS1926.1 is the national standard that outlines the requirements for performance, design, and construction of pool fences to ensure safety, particularly for young children. Premium Perf is AS1926.1 tested & compliant, making it a viable option for pool fencing. Furthermore, the small 9mm diameter holes make it tough for young children to gain any leverage over the fence and climb it. If you’ve got a young family and are looking for a secure fencing option, then we strongly recommend Premium Perf! 

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If you’re in love with Premium Perf fencing as much as we are, then don’t waste any time! If you’re keen on getting this gorgeous pool fencing solution installed on your property, then be sure to fill out the free quote form! If you want to learn more about Premium Perf, then head on down to your local store or give us a call on 1300 165 165. We’d love to have a chat!

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