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Stratco Launching New Corebox at IMARC 2022

Oct 25 2022
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See The New Corebox At IMARC, 2022, Stand K37

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Stratco's revolutionary new plastic mining core tray, Corebox, will be officially launched at IMARC 2022.  Come and visit us at stand K37 to see the new Corebox for yourself.  We will also have representatives from Nichol Industries demonstrating their engraving, steel stamp manufacturing and stencil cutting solutions, including the Dot Peen Marking Machine.

The International Mining And Resources Conference And Expo (IMARC) for 2022 is being held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney from November 2-4, 2022.   Learn more about the event and register online at www.imarcglobal.com

New Core Tray Design Created Specifically For The Mining Industry

Stratco has been a leading manufacturer of plastic core trays for the mining industry for many years.  After undertaking a significant research and development project, a range of improvements have been made to the previous version.

The new Stratco Corebox core tray has been developed through close consultation with mining industry experts to create a new standard in core tray functionality and usability. The Stratco Corebox is manufactured using polypropylene to prevent corrosion of the tray and eliminate the potential for cross contamination of the stored ore – even those that are highly acidic, highly alkaline or are stored in high levels of humidity.

When developing the new tray it was evident that the industry was looking for the option to choose a tray made from recycled materials. The new Stratco Corebox core tray now provides a choice with the Corebox being produced using either recycled or 100% virgin raw material. To help distinguish the two variants the recycled version will be available in a light grey colour and the 100% virgin material version will be available in white.

With a full range of core trays to choose from, the addition of the new Stratco Corebox to the Stratco core tray family ensures that no matter what your requirement there is a Stratco core tray to meet your need.

Superior Design Features

  • Currently available in HQ and NQ core sizes
  • Moulded NQ and HQ core designations for easy identification
  • Choice of recycled or 100% virgin versions
  • UV stabilised to ensure longevity in the field
  • Holds a 1,000mm core sample for easy categorisation
  • Sample can be easily removed from and returned to the tray for inspection
  • All models of tray stack together so a stack can contain both HQ and NQ trays
  • Unique sliding tracks for easy sliding on or off of other stacked trays
  • Positive locking of stacked core trays with reinforced tie-down points
  • Flat base to enable the tray to be used on ball bearing or conveyor belts
  • Hand slots and handles on al four sides to facilitate safe handling
  • Card insert for easy identification of core samples
  • Clearly marked Start and Finish points to assist with identification
  • Unique separation flute design that clearly identifies 100mm increments
  • Separation flute spine width enables identification notes to be written adjacent to the sample
  • Unique drainage system keeps the core dry from top to bottom
  • Optional metal storage lid available
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Stratco Dot Peen Gun for permanent identification, including QR  code capabilities

Corebox_Detail_328x230_1.jpg Corebox_Detail_328x230_2.jpg Corebox_Detail_328x230_3.jpg Corebox_Detail_328x230_4.jpg

HQ Corebox Dimensions

Length: 1070mm
Width: 380mm
Height: 80mm
No. Of Flutes: 4
Weight Per Tray: 2.4kg
Approximate Weight Per Pallet: 202kg

NQ Corebox Dimensions

Length: 1070mm
Width: 380mm
Height: 72mm
No. Of Flutes: 5
Weight Per Tray: 2.3kg
Approximate Weight Per Pallet: 221kg

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