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December, and the beginning of this month have certainly proved to be challenging for gardens and gardeners with both of us feeling a little dried out. The next three months are probably going to

It’s December and we’re now in the home straight heading for Christmas! Where did the year go? Let’s have a look at a couple of things that you can do in the garden and around the home this month to

Find out how to take control of your garden by eradicating weeds and caring for your plants. Have you noticed that weeds seem to be sprouting up everywhere in your garden at the moment. The spring

Find out the best ways to look after that lawn and be prepared before we head into the summer months. October is the month when things really “get going” in our gardens. The soil is now warm enough

Spring is here and so is the change in weather. With some warm days coming our way it is time to get out and prepare your garden for the months ahead. Use these tips to help you be ready. Garden

Prepare yourself for spring with these expert garden products. Spring Gardening Notes Blog Posted: August 12th 2019 Although it doesn’t seem like it right now, winter is coming to an end and I know

Here are some useful products and tips on how best to tackle those winter gardening jobs. July Winter Garden Tips Posted on: 10th of July 2019 July is bringing us typical winter weather, cold and

Here are some expert tips on how to tackle those gardening tasks in June. June Garden Notes Posted on: 31st of May 2019 Welcome to winter and at long last we’ve had some decent rain. And while it

Giving the gift of flowers and flowering plants is a lovely way to say thanks to you mum for her love and support through the year. May Gardening Notes Posted on: May 7, 2019 Welcome to the May

Here are some tips to ensure your vegetable garden is prosperous and lasting. Are your vegetable garden attempts unsuccessful? Posted on: November 12, 2015 If you are concerned about your family's

We’re having some pretty hot weather this summer, so here are a few tips to help your garden survive the heat including mulching, irrigation and plant care. Summer Gardening Tips Posted on:

Spring cleaning your entertainment area doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. Here are five easy ways to give your backyard the lift it needs. 5 ways to get your outdoor area ready for