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Use Payright, humm, HSBC and Zip at Stratco

Buy Now, Pay Later and Interest Free Finance Options

Do you have a dream outdoor area that you have been wanting to complete for years, or a shed that needs a serious refit with storage units? There is now no need to wait, Stratco has four buy now pay later and interest-free options that can be used either in-store, online or across both. These include Payright, humm (humm Little Things or humm Big Things), HSBC Interest Free and Zip (Zip Pay or Zip Money).


Payright is exclusive to in-store purchases with a maximum spend of $20,000. Payright is ideal for those bigger purchases such as Stratco’s manufactured products including Garages & Sheds, Fencing & Screening, Roofing & Walling and Patios & Pavilions. Pay off your dream project over up to 60 months, interest-free.

How Payright Works

  1. Find what you need in-store: Take your time to decide exactly what you’d like to purchase.
  2. Apply in minutes: Make a quick application on your phone while you’re in store. Our team can offer a helping hand if you need.
  3. Get an instant decision: You’ll find out right away if your plan is good to go.
  4. Start your Payright plan: Commence repayments in easy, bite-size installments.

To find out more about Payright and how you can turn ‘too much’ into ‘too easy’, click here: 

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Humm offer two interest-free options, humm Little Things for smaller purchases, and humm Big Things for larger purchases.

Humm Little Things is exclusive to online orders perfect for smaller purchases such as hardware products, taking orders up to $2,000. You can pay it off fortnightly in 2.5 or 5 months, or you can pay weekly, whichever works best for you.

Humm Big Things is available in-store for orders up to $30,000. This is ideal for the manufactured products mentioned above or any other large orders. Plus you have the ability to make the repayments in, 6, 12, 24…all the way up to 60 months interest-free.

How humm Works

  1. Find what you need, in-store or online: Take your time to decide exactly what you’d like to purchase
  2. Sign up: A Really simple and easy process.
  3. Await fast approval: You’ll find out right away if you’re good to go.
  4. Pay in slices: Choose to pay weekly or fortnightly, whichever you prefer.

To find out more about Humm, click here:

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HSBC Interest Free

HSBC Interest Free is a no deposit finance option for all HSBC Credit Card holders, exclusively available in-store.

The HSBC Interest Free finance option can be used for purchases both big and small, with values ranging from $500 to $50,000.

If you spend over $500 on retail purchases, you can get up to 12 months interest free which increases all the way up to 60 months if you spend over $2000 for Outback Patios or Garages.

How HSBC Interest Free Works

  1. Have a HSBC Card: You must hold a HSBC Credit Card to be eligible or sign up.
  2. Apply to your desired term: Apply for either 6, 12, 24 or 60-months interest free.
  3. Await application approval: Our fast response will be displayed on-screen and emailed.
  4. Shop in-store: Once you are approved, you are ready to shop at your nearest Stratco store. It’s that easy!

To find out more about HSBC Interest Free, click here:

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Zip offers Zip Pay for smaller orders and Zip Money for bigger orders, both options interest-free.

Zip Pay is available both online and in-store if your Stratco order is under $1000. This makes it the option for small, everyday spending on Stratco products.

However, if you need a bigger allowance, Zip also has Zip Money for orders ranging from $1000-$50,000, for life’s bigger buys. Zip Money is exclusive to online orders.

With Zip Pay and Zip Money, you can either pay back weekly, fortnightly or monthly interest-free.

How Zip Works

  1. Want it: Select the products you are after.
  2. Get it: Select Zip at the checkout.
  3. Own it: Select your repayments and enjoy your purchase!

To find out more about Zip, Zip Pay and Zip Money, click here: 

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Whether you pick Payright, humm (humm Little Things or humm Big Things), HSBC Interest Free or Zip (Zip Pay or Zip Money), Stratco offers a variety of buy now, pay later and interest free options for you to enjoy your Stratco products with family and friends much sooner. You Bring The Dream, Stratco Will Bring The How To.


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Contact Stratco now to arrange an interest-free, buy now pay later plan with Payright, humm (humm Little Things or humm Big Things, HSBC Interest Free or Zip (Zip Pay or Zip Money).