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Charger Fertiliser 1L


SKU: LG-40808

$45.00 EA
Available for delivery in QLD
Also available in SA, WA.
Allow 2-5 days for delivery.
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Is available at Hervey Bay.
Also available at Archerfield, Capalaba, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Caboolture, Ormeau.
Allow 4 trading hours for collection..

About this product

Charger works to promote lateral turf grass growth as well as enhance colour. With the unique blend of macro and minor nutrients and hormone growth promoters it maximises the developmental potential of the turf grass resulting in a more rapid establishment, grow in, or recovery from damage or renovation. Charger also maintains growth and colour of warm season grasses during cooler months.

  • Rapid recovery from incidences of plant stress, grow in or renovations
  • Improved colour of turfgrass in cooler periods of the year
  • Dual nitrogen source for fast and efficient uptake by the plant
  • High analysis iron and manganese in plant available form for rapid uptake
  • Rapid green up response for improved turf colour and appearance
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Australian company dedicated to providing high quality products and advice to everyone
Technical Specifications
Nitrogen (N) Total7.2%
Nitrogen (N) As Urea4.6%
Nitrogen (N) As Nitrate4.6%
Potassium (K) As Nitrate7.2%
Iron (Fe) As Sulphate4%
Manganese (Mn) As Sulphate2%
Zinc (Zn) As Nitrate0.22%
Sulphur (S)3.6%

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