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Vuly Deck

Vuly Trampolines

SKU: CO-3808

$79.99 EA
Available for delivery in QLD
Allow 7 days for delivery.
Also available in SA, ACT, NSW, VIC, WA.
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Unavailable in QLD.

About this product

Vuly Deck allows you to practise skate tricks on your Vuly trampoline without worrying about fall injuries. It's a great way to learn coordination and balance.

  • No helmets or pads required
  • Lets kids practise skateboarding in a safe, Vuly enclosure.
  • Compatible with all Vuly trampolines.
  • Looks just like a real skate deck
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Coated in high-quality EVA foam
  • Great for learning Ollies and 360s

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