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Alfresco Living Redefined


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Architectural Proportions

Experience patio outdoor living like never before with the unparalleled aesthetic of a Alfresco Pavilion Patio by Stratco.

The classical architectural proportions of Pavilion created by larger columns and bulkheads, and the distinctive Edge gutter, respond to emerging trends for a more substantial looking structure.

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Attention to Detail

With meticulous details such as Aluminium Composite panels (popular in many commercial buildings and architectural projects), integrated LED lighting and concealed fasteners and downpipes, Stratco adds an element of sophistication, elegance, and glamour to alfresco outdoor living.

INSULATED Composite Roofing

The smooth ceiling like finish of the insulated composite roofing further enhances the clean, contemporary design and thermal comfort.

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A Dramatic Sense Of


Engineering capabilities have been optimised to minimise the number of columns required and maximise roof spans, giving a dramatic sense of openness and space.


The classical architectural proportions of the Grande created by larger columns and bulkheads, and the distinctive Edge gutter, respond to emerging trends for a more substantial looking structure. The Alfresco Pavilion Grande has become the new benchmark in stylish, modern outdoor patio designs.


The latest addition to the range is the Slique. With more slender proportions and an ultramodern aesthetic, the Alfresco Pavilion Slique is perfect for executive townhouses or urban homes. Offering a whole new level of sophistication, elegance, and even glamour to your outdoor patio area.



Column & Bulkhead Colours

Cooldek & Slique Deck Ceiling Colours

The palette of colours has been inspired by nature and reflects the earthy hues that are seen in the Australian landscape, bridging the gap between urban life and our native environment.

These colours can be mixed and matched to illuminate and reflect the energy of any environment. To view all the colour combinations visit one of our display centres.

All colours shown above are suitable for both pavilion grande and pavilion slique





Offering you the very best in all-season outdoor living with opening and closing louvres. The Allure with remote controlled opening louvres and a flat ceiling appearance when closed, is brilliant for rain, shade and ventilation control anytime of the year. Maximise your outdoor enjoyment and genuinely extend your alfresco outdoor living season.

With the remote control you can precisely adjust your louvre angles to control sunlight levels in your outdoor living space. From blocking the dazzling summer sun, to welcoming the warming winter sun - you have complete control at your fingertips.

Superior Rain Protection

Designed with excellent water management in mind, the Alfresco Allure louvres have very deep side channels which direct water flow to smartly designed internal box gutters and away through downpipes. The rain sensor automatically closes all louvres at the first sign of rain, providing market leading rain and weather protection.

Excellent Ventilation

With your Allure louvres partly open, you can effortlessly manage the refreshing airflow in your outdoor space. Angle toward the prevailing breeze to push air in and down, or angle away from the breeze to allow fresh air circulation. Enjoy a fresher outdoor area experience anytime you want without losing any comfort.

Attractive Flat Ceiling

The reinforced, one piece extruded louvre doesn’t warp, buckle or twist, and the anti-rattle weather strip inside each louvre overlap give a very even lay when closed. This combined with the 200mm wide gloss coated underside provides a genuinely beautiful ceiling appearance.

Commercial Projects

A single Allure unit can cover an impressive 24m2, and a number of units can be joined together and operated by a single (replaceable) remote control. Available in the standard colours shown or in a wide range of custom colours to suit each project, or even in Aluminium mill finish. Perfect for a versatile alfresco entertaining area for restaurants, hotels, or apartment blocks.

Standard Allure Louvre Colours

All Allure components are coated in a durable, gloss powder coating in a choice of popular colours. Or you can opt for a custom colour to match your décor. An uncoated Aluminium version is also available for special projects.

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Alfresco Outdoor Living


Suitable for new builds and retro-fit applications, freestanding or attached, Pavilion will assimilate with and enrich any outdoor living environment. This is so much more than just an outdoor living area, this is... alfresco outdoor living redefined.


Register Your Interest

Due to the nature of the product, Pavilion is only available supplied and installed from a Stratco Authorised Dealer. For a free on-site measure and quote please register your interest.