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NINELINE™ Wall Cladding

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Introducing NINELINE™ - An architectural wall cladding series designed for architects, by architects.

Ribbed wall cladding sheets offer numerous benefits. The ribbed design enhances structural strength, providing durability and resistance to weather
elements. Increased surface area improves thermal insulation and noise absorption. Easy installation and low maintenance makes them cost-effective. Importantly, the diverse range of aesthetic options caters to a spectrum of architectural tests, elevating the overall visual appeal of any building project.

Be captivated by the interplay of light and shadow with the NINELINE™ series. Offering rib heights up to 90mm, the profile creates a dynamic canvas.

During the solstice, when the sun’s angle is most pronounced, the ribbed design comes alive. Whether it’s the soft light of dawn filtering through the depths of the ribs or the dramatic play of sunlight at dusk, this wall cladding series transforms architectural surfaces into works of art, adding depth and dimension.

Architectural wall cladding for architects, Designed in consultation with Studio NINE Architects. The NINELINE™ series launches with an initial series of 3 pierced fix profiles, manufactured and available exclusively via Stratco Australia.